Bug IC look like frames

  • Have something really wrong all ores from IC(also rubber trees) look like frames from redpower. Even if i have no redpower also they are indestructable!

    i have tons of mods


    i think it is some sort block id conflict but it looks really strange!

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    I had a similar problem with the 1.2.3-Version of Redpower. This is happened, because the Redpowerconfig was not Identical to the one on the Server. If you uninstall RP then it should leave nothing (except strange Lighting out of the nowhere from the Point where Lamps were and Void), so check if you really uninstalled it.

  • i tootaly recreated new world and removed RP files from mods folger and still rubber trees look like RP engines
    ill just reinstall game if it will happen again than i will give all my configs and other stuff

  • Works like a charm
    i think it was human factor mistake ))
    Now a new problem everything works but if creeper explodes and some bloks get dropped o na ground minecraft is giving me light blue screen ?_?
    Also i can find some ore spots wich are empty like there but i move thru it and if i place somethink in it it crashes i thinked it is and ID conflict recheked 100% match even downdloaded direwolfs config file and changed id to his