[1.2.5] TimmieCraft - Dedicated - 2 Servers - Mod Pack - NOT WHITELISTED

  • TimmieCraft
    Server Status: ONLINE

    I have included A Mod Pack it is very easy to use.
    Some mods where updated, and some where removed. I have updated the Mod Pack.

    This server currently runs the following mods


    Make sure you don't edit any of the config files. Your config files must match the servers config files.
    The server is using unmodified config files. So you must use unmodified config files as well.

    Current server version: 1.2.5

    Server IP's
    TimmieCraft Survival =


    • This is a survival server, so DO NOT ask for items. I have a dedicated server set up, for those who want to try things in creative.
    • Play nice, and help others (Don't Steal).
    • Griefing is NOT allowed.
    • No mods or texture packs that show you where ores are located. I will know. This is a automatic ban so don't test me.
    • No fly-mod on the server, the only flying that is allowed is if you have a jetpack through industrialcraft.
    • Use your head, if you think its wrong, then it probably is, which means you should not say or do it.
    • Respect all Admins and Members at all times.

    If you wish to join you can either
    A) Install the client mods yourself
    B) Use a modpack I made just for the server, it contains an installer so you don't have to do anything

    Here are the downloads for the Mod Pack
    Timmie's ModPack Download
    Timmie's ModPack with HD Texture packs Download

    Additional Info:
    This server is running bukkit. This means I can protect your area from greifers.
    Find me in game if you would like me to protect your area. My IGN is Timmie3054

    Ping Times

    The server is hosted in the United States. Ping times will vary depending on where you are located. This is what you should expect.

    If you live in North America expect a latency between 50-150ms.
    If you live in Europe expect a latency between 150-300ms.
    If you live in Oceania expect a latency between 300-600ms.

    Texture Packs
    The following texture packs have support for the for the mods running on this server

    If you have any questions you can contact me by:
    1) Posting on this thread
    2) Sending me a PM

  • No. i ment Mods (as modifications/mods) not mods (moderators) :D Because your saying somewhere that there are no mods for now.

    Yes there are mods on the server. I just have the server whitelisted for now because I am not running bukkit. But I will be soon.

  • Ing Krutx
    Indutrialcraft 2
    IC2 Advanced Machines
    Redpower 2
    IC2 Compact Solars
    Iron Chests
    Wireless Redstone