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    SkizzyCraft's Relm of Sexiness
    Server Status: OFFLINE

    The server is running the Direwolf20 ModPack from Feed The Beast.

    The Server is currently under construction.
    I am currently looking for a few moderators for the server.
    Moderators must know how to use the WorldEdit & WorldGuard Plugin for Bukkit.
    As one of your main duties will be setting up protected regions for newcomers.

    This server currently runs the following mods from the Direwolf20 ModPack

    • Indutrialcraft 2
    • BuildCraft
    • Redpower 2 PR6
    • IC2 Compact Solars
    • Iron Chests
    • RailCraft
    • IC2 Charging Pads
    • Wireless Redstone
    • ChickenChunks
    • ComputerCraft
    • EnderStorage
    • Gravity Gun
    • IC2 Nuclear Control
    • MiscPeripherals
    • GraviSuite
    • NEI + Plugins
    • Portal Gun
    • Thaumcraft 3
    • Twilight Forest

    I am aware that the DireWolf20 ModPack included in Feed The Beast launcher includes a lot more mods.
    These excluded mods are disabled server side.
    Nothing has to be done client side.

    Current server version: 1.4.7

    Server IP's
    SkizzyCraft's Relm Of Sexiness = ---.---.---.--- OFFLINE


    • This
      is a survival server, so DO NOT ask for items. I have a dedicated
      server set up, for those who want to try things in creative.
    • Play nice, and help others (Don't Steal).
    • Griefing is NOT allowed.
    • No mods or texture packs that show you where ores are located. I will know. This is a automatic ban so don't test me.
    • No fly-mod on the server, the only flying that is allowed is if you have a jetpack through industrialcraft.
    • Use your head, if you think its wrong, then it probably is, which means you should not say or do it.
    • Respect all Admins and Members at all times.
    • PVP is allowed but harassing other players is not. Do not seek out other players just to attack them.

    If you wish to join
    You MUST install Feed The Beast. To join the server you MUST launch the Direwolf20 Mod Pack inside of the Feed the Beast launcher.

    Download for Feed The Beast

    Additional Info:
    This server is running bukkit. This means I can protect your area from greifers.
    Find me in game if you would like me to protect your area. My IGN is Timmie3054

    Ping Times

    server is hosted in the United States. Ping times will vary depending
    on where you are located. This is what you should expect.

    If you live in North America expect a latency between 50-150ms.
    If you live in Europe expect a latency between 150-300ms.
    If you live in Oceania expect a latency between 300-600ms.

    Texture Packs

    Will Update soon!

    If you have any questions you can contact me by:
    1) Posting on this thread
    2) Sending me a PM

    Additional Notes (please read if you are actually considering joining):

    • Plugins like faction may be installed depending on the amount of active players. (There will be a dedicated area of the map for Factions.)TeamSpeak or any other type of voip system is not supported yet. I will set one up. Depending on the amount of active players.
    • Everyone will get protected land. This means nobody but your self or people you choose may enter and/or destroy blocks on your land.
    • The amount of protected land you receive is not limited. However be reasonable.
    • Do not build you "Base" any more than 2,000m from spawn. I am actually hoping to get a rail station set up, that can accommodate to everyone's base. This being said, do not build your base 500m within spawn, or someone elses base. Unless permission is granted.
    • There are hourly backups, for anti grief measures.
    • Every month I will upload the map to a cloud server. The reasoning behind this is. If you ever decide you do not want to play on the server anymore, but you don't want all your hard work to go to waste. You may download the map, and play single player. Or even use MCEdit to incorporate your builds from the server map to your own map.
    • I do not accept Donations, so there are no "Donation Perks" This server is paid 100% by me.
    • I am currently looking for moderators. I need moderators to set
      up protected regions for newcomers. Moderators only have the ability to
      set up regions, and kick/ban players.

    I just noticed we are getting both RedPower and IndustrialCraft ores now (at least copper and tin). Pretty sure we used to have only IC ores initially, so I am guessing somewhere along the line RP ores generation got turned on without matching the block IDs or something (not sure if detection is automated or not nowadays, or if it happened with some of the mess with Forge versions and the ores dictionary). No big deal but it is a bit annoying to have to deal with double stacks. Probably cannot fix it now that the ores are in the wild (unless you do an offline world search&replace but the map is quite big so it may take a while) but something to keep in mind for the future.

    Have not been on the server that xela set up. I assume he must of reinstalled redpower causing the config to reset. :|

    I just bought a server. So lets see how long it takes to get online.

    Well, for now you could set offline mode with whitelist.
    To check if a person has premium : (this is my example)
    So everybody who wants to play while apply for whitelist here. (and must have premium checked by you)

    And if possible, check for player logins on log and add its names to whitelist.

    I rather not have a whitelist. Its not that I don't want people who don't have premium joining my server. I could care less. I just rather not have the server in offline mode.

    OMG!@#$&^ will you ever warn us whe your removeing somethig!@#$ you removed shelfs and now my items gone that were on shelfs.... **** it!

    Sorry, I had to remove them, they where bugged. The only way for people to see ur items is if they open the gui to the shelf. Thus allowing them to take your items. Xela1989 can spawn ur items back.

    And SpwnX that version of tubestuff only works with redpower prb1. Not pr5b2 which the server is currently running. We need tubestuff version 49.0.0.

    Oh em gee... why you needed to remove nuclear control! such a useful mod.. some peoples reactor may melted down and they lost recaurces because of that.. its such a usefull mod... why?!?! ;( btw: will you add these mods:
    1. inventory tweaks
    2. mo creatures (just suggesting this one.)
    3. advanced machines addon

    I removed the nuclear control mod, because it pretty much allowed you to make 100% safe reactors. DarknessShadow, showed me that you can fill every slot in the reactor with uranium, and then place a thermal monitor on the reactor. Once it gets to hot it will turn off. It will turn right back on when its cool enough, and then turn off when its to hot, and repeat. Its a cheap way of getting energy.

    I do not know if Inventory tweaks has been ported to bukkit.
    Mo'Creatures was installed, but I had to uninstall it. For some reason it does not generate a .properties file. I want to be able to control the spawn rate of the animals.
    Advanced Machines is already installed, although some people where having trouble getting there machines they made to work, so I might uninstall it and replace it with the original advanced machines.

    I think the Miner is a bit to "useful", and I think I found a way to balance it.

    Maybe instead of getting you the whole ore. It would get you 2-6 nuggets (Always Random).
    9 nuggets = 1 ore.

    Now that being said. Nuggets should be added. They are already added with RP2, I figure IC2 can also use RP2 nuggets or IC2 can make there own for those who don't want to play with RP2.

    There should be 4 nuggets, Iron, Tin, Copper and gold although gold nuggets are already added in the vanilla.

    Anything that is not an ore will be mined normally. So Diamonds, coal, uranium and redstone should not be affected.

    What do you think?

    New RC version 5.2.2 released which should fix the many issues we have with the Anchors and Anchor Carts.

    EDIT: hmm also RP2 PR5b2.
    But I forgot this is Bukkit so I guess we need to wait a bit for the ports...

    RP2 has a bukkit port, but not the latest railcraft. I found a new host, so hopefully I can get it set up. The temporary server might be down for a bit tomorrow. Need to set up for the new server.

    F*** that bug :D you always can use relog on teleport or something :)) add ;) well at least it would be awesome to have bunnies or birds :D but my idea is like that: You can enable n disable want you want but you should add it anyways :D it would be a lot of fun :) and if needed to relog, no problems ;) if peoples afraid of not getting off it then they just wont use it :) no probs for me ;)

    EDIT: man, your shuting down server or what? its 2nd time im seeing it offline for a good wile...

    I don't know why the server went down, I originally bought 2 servers from 2 different companies. The first sever I bought, kept crashing, and honestly the tech support at creeper host is probably the worst out there... Tiered of sending them tickets, so I decided to just give up on them. The second server I bought went down, and have yet to hear a response from them, so now I am looking for a brand new server.

    So the server will be off for a few days to a week until I get it all set up again. Hopefully with a reliable host though. I might go back to KGB servers, I never once had a problem with them.

    I have to redownload all the mods, and plugins again. I never made a backup of them. I have a backup of the map though.