Do detector/splitter cables properly connect to RedPower wire in pr5b2?

  • I don't have a test setup right now. Can anyone running RedPower pr5b2 confirm if detector and splitter cables now properly connect to wire? The pr5b2 changelog mentions that wires now respect the method we use to let the cables connect.

    EDIT: Version derp, it's b2 not b1.

    You know, when a dev requests support from the community...

  • I guess we have to use dust for now for the splitter, which really sucks <.<
    It doesn't even work next to a storage that's emitting a signal like MSFU on-full.

    On my install Mining Drill doesn't give off any sounds at all o.o
    Help! Somebody fix that please!
    Wait a sec... damnit.

    no idea if he was serious but either way that was damn funny xD

  • Something I found handy, you can feed a redstone signal into a splitter cable using the redpower logic gates. Plus, you can put them on walls or ceilings too. The easiest is a OR gate.