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    Mod in version BETA1-2.0 spamming admin console witch this:

    [Info] Injecting 128
    [Info] Injecting 64
    [Info] Injecting 128
    [Info] Injecting 128

    Any help stop this spam?

    Woops forgot some debug code. My bad :\. Update coming within 24 hours.

    And kye_duo, you will be able to use pipes, just not yet. Regular pipes will be using the baddest conversion rate by default, and I'm not sure how but I'll add a way to get regular rates. This will either involve alot of hacking in BC's power network or I'm implementing my own pipe :P. Probably the latter.

    Updated! :).
    CONFIGS HAVE CHANGED A BIT. So fix those before you start playing.

    What's new:
    v1.7b -> BETA-1 v2.0- Fixed Adjustable Engines not working at low rates.
    - Fixed the dirt issue :P
    - Fixed Adjustable Engine recipe not working
    - Other engine recipes now also work with charged batteries
    - Changed the config abit, to cope with the new options while still featuring the old options
    And the new things:
    - Added the Pneumatic Convertor! This will replace the Pneumatic Generator in future versions, but still needs testing and tweaking.
    Use is quite straightforward I think. It converts MJ to EU (BC to IC2 power) - but only directly. As in, no pipes, you attach your engine directly to the Convertor.
    Currently only vanilla BC engines are accepted, but I plan to add support for a lot more mod engines. Using this direct conversion the conversion is always the way it should be, there is no standard 2:5 ratio or anything, the ratio is different for every engine. Try it out, play with it, report bugs. Recipe is Advanced Machine in the middle, corners empty, rest filled with golden conductive pipes.

    Recipe and texture are just placeholders till i come up with something better. (Or until someone designs a nice texture :))
    Have fun!

    Hey everyone! Sorry for being so inactive lately. Been on vacation, new semester has started - been kinda busy irl.
    I will pick up development again when I get back to my programming environment on monday.
    There are some new things coming that I had almost finished and will now be coming soon - well after I finish working through the bug reports :P.
    You'll be hearing from me!

    Hello Snyke

    IC2 has been out for 1.4.7 for quite a while now. I know it's only a dev version, but it already works a LOT better than the open beta of 1.112 does for 1.4.7. Could you please update Transformers for the new IC2 and the new BC3? Pretty much everyone are using both of those anyways. If you still aren't planning on updating, before the official IC2 release for 1.4.7, could you please reply stating that, so I can switch to another solution (like AtomicStrykers' Power Converters).


    Update will be coming soon. This version is perfectly compatible afaik tho. Just not made for the particular versions of minecraft/ic2/buildcraft, but so little code was changed that it works.
    Bit of a delay due to exams & new stuff that needed testing. I want to get it out with as less bugs as possible :).

    EDIT: I'm not sure - haven't tested if it works. Didn't see the new Beta release from IC.

    it is normals the textures flickering? in the screenshots of the main post they are also flickering..

    i am talking about thoose next to the blue part when it is stopped..

    i really hate that it is very annoying.. it is possible to fix?

    Don't know what you're talking about.

    Using the Adjustable Electric Engine.
    Under all conditions that I've tested, I can't get them to run on less than 12.5EU/t

    Confirmed. This will be fixed in the next version!

    Hey guys, i have an little trouble with this addon. Can someone help me?
    Log at attachment.

    Yay, a real crashbug :D. Don't know what's causing it, I'll take a look. The weirdest part is that also says something about advanced solars. Can you tell me how you got this to crash? Did you connect an advanced solar directly to an engine?

    This is brilliant. Should be like a generator block, or a single use battery.
    Makes no sense if it'd be rechargable, but it shouldn't instantaneously discharge either.

    Bug with disabling anything from config file. I assign "false" to any parameter and client crash.

    Is fixed in the next version. Thanks for noticing!

    Looks awesome :D
    Literally the only thing I would want added is something to create oil.
    Though not even that is a requirement :D

    Yeah that's not gonna happen :P.

    Well it's telling you that because it's a different version of ic2/bc3 then the versions v1.7b was made for.
    Just to let you know stuff might occur/crash etc. Although that won't happen with these versions I think.
    I'll try to update as soon as IC2 gets updated to 1.4.7.

    Number 1. I've made it so that it will at maximum output 128 EU/t. You understand the powernet fine ;P.

    I really want this mod added to Feed The Beast. Snyke if you are okay with them adding this to Feed The Beast, I'd love it if you'd talk to them about adding it because this would make FTB tons better this mod is a favourite of mine and really ties BC3 and IC2 together.

    Haha, I don't have any problem with that. Why it's not being added is because in it's current state, it's quite overpowered in the right hands.
    And that's why I'm doing a rework on that - I'm replacing Pneumatic Generators with something else.
    Don't worry, there will still be an 'easy' mode - but in the future you'll have pneumatic generators disabled by default.

    I'm using something like this:

    Note that my conversion algorithm uses maxEnergy in such a way that I don't ever have more energy than maxEnergy (so the input is consistent).

    Came home to a 250 megabyte forge text file of these errors... this is a need to get fixed thing, unless gregtech can run without ic2?

    2012-12-27 19:59:46 [WARNING] [IC2] API ERROR: ic2.advancedmachines.common.TileEntitySingularityCompressor@786901af didn't implement demandsEnergy() properly, no energy from injectEnergy accepted although demandsEnergy() returned true.
    2012-12-27 19:59:46 [WARNING] [IC2] API ERROR: ic2.advancedmachines.common.TileEntityCentrifugeExtractor@349153af didn't implement demandsEnergy() properly, no energy from injectEnergy accepted although demandsEnergy() returned true.

    Well this particular error is caused by AtomicStryker's Advanced Machines, not IC2 :P.
    But yeah they need to add a config.

    Some error I encountered while trying to set up the slow electric engines.
    First of all, I tried hooking some cables to 2 of the engines, connected directly to a BatBox, and the engines facing a Rolling Machine (Railcraft). Tried to fire them up by giving a redstone current, but nothing happened.
    Re-oriented cables around to the backs of the engines, still nothing.
    Went into a test-world, and set up the same system. It still didn't work, so I put a BatPack in one of the engines and it started running.
    So I re-entered my survival world, the one where the error occurred, and just the instant that I removed one of the cables with a standard Iron pickaxe, the game crashed.
    Now that world won't even load. The logs of the first error, and the error upon trying to load the world, are attatched below.

    Would everyone with crashes please read theirs? For example, your error says:
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: ic2.api.Direction.toForgeDirection()Lnet/minecraftforge/common/ForgeDirection;

    Look in the OP.

    Try redownloading IC2 and this, you've got some strange errors.

    downloaded the mod not 10 mins ago... still getting console flood of this:

    2012-12-25 00:09:01 [WARNING] [IC2] API ERROR: snyke7.Transformers.TileICEngine@5221c94e didn't implement demandsEnergy() properly, no energy from injectEnergy accepted although demandsEnergy() returned true.

    it is causing my minecraft to jitter a bit.

    Yup she is a nasty one!

    Can either of you confirm this is fixed in 1.7b? Would be nice :).