[bug] [ic1.97] A lot of erro messages on server console when moving frames!

  • I am getting a flood of erros mensagens when moving frame-base mining ship:

    Plus, i am getting reports that q-boots are worse on taking fall damage than before.

  • found it.
    on server i am using minecraftforge-server-
    (and the last avaliable RP)

    I got on server too (if that matter)
    custonstuff (just to add some recipes)
    compact solars (for ic 1.95b ) (wainting for it update...)
    seedmanager (for ic 1.95b) (wainting for it update...)
    nether ores

    maybe this is useful information:
    there is solar arrays on the mining ship.

    my friend says that after he moved the mining ship, the energy flow didn't show any problem.

    Sound a silly sugestion, but would be easier, instead of adding code to prevent fall damage the nano/q-boots use the enchantment for it? I am not talking about of making the item able to enchant, i am talking about it be already enchanted with feather falling when you craft it. You would be using a vanilla tool instead your ow code to deal with this issue.

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  • Unless I'm mistaken, the console is telling you "OMG, somebody is abusing the energynet in unintended ways, i dislike that."
    From your description, this doesn't appear to cause any actual issues overall'? Are all machines still running properly?

    We will potentially have to remove the errorprint or refine it into something less spacy. But as long as everything keeps working, it's at least no critical issue.

  • I can at least throw in my 2 cents here and say that although we're seeing these same messages spewing about on our server, it does not appear to be causing any harm within our world.

    If you'd like any more information about our server or circumstances, just let me know.