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    You have installed Control Pack without sd.class. To solve your problem you should either install sd.class from Control Pack or don't install Control Pack at all.
    Have not tested my addon with control pack before. Thank you for report.

    I'll try to fix it. But I decided to skip version on this weekend. Next version is planned in two weeks.

    You da man, Shedar! Thanks for looking into it for us. It obviously doesn't seem to be a widespread issue. But we love our ControlPack, so I'll revisit the reason as to why I decided NOT to include "sd.class" in our client packs. As I'm sure there was some compatibility-based reasoning there. LOL.

    *Edit... guess it (sd.class) was just omitted because we hadn't needed it. I'll throw it back in there and see if we have any luck.

    *Edit 2... popped "sd.class" back in and it worked like a charm. Not sure if there will be any other compatibility issues yet, but at least alarms are working.

    I need a crash log.

    Pasted Log HERE !

    I used this method off of a Wiki (forgot link) to generate this log (since the game bombs out without error messages):

    If this is unhelpful, please tell me what method you'd like for us to use and we'll reproduce the error while running under that mode.

    I investigated the log several times looking for clues and I can't find anything pertaining to the issue. And all we did was launch the game, reproduce the crash and paste this log here.


    Having a problem with the Industrial and Howler Alarms crashing out clients within a radius (assuming it's the configured, "sound" range) around the source. I am running a Bukkit server with the Bukkit Port of the mod. I can use VoxelSniper to blow the device off the roof of the client in question (from outside it's range), which allows him to log back in, and we are continuing to test to try to gather more information. We've not tinkered with config files or anything at this point. It's stock Bukkit Port and stock 1.1.9b Clients. Any ideas?

    Can I provide you with any pertinent info that might help?

    Great mod, BTW. We are loving it.


    I don't usually weigh in on any of these "battles"... and I'm not taking a side, I just wanted to show my support for both the IndustrialCraft dev team, and Zip, for his fantastic work on a beloved addition that we use on our private server. And while it's the last mod holding up our transition to 1.1, I assure you all that the only reason is because we are so fond of the system Zip built (it's well thought out, balanced, in our opinions, and here to stay on our server - nearly all of us use Advanced Machines exclusively).

    I don't care about any of the petty animosity that's started raging within' this thread. All I care about is that both parties get the respect and freedom they deserve in further development of their ingenious projects.

    I'm hoping that the fires started in this thread can be extinguished soon, and that both IndustrialCraft 2 and Advanced Machines can go on separately, and in independent harmony. Live, and let live, eh?

    While we'll anxiously await Zip's update, and utilize Advanced Machines over the new IndustrialCraft OC system, that's our server's choice. This all seems pretty simple to me. But then again, I'm kind of a simple fella. *shrug*

    Thank you to the whole IndustrialCraft crew. I know you guys work really hard, and we all appreciate your labor.

    Thanks again Zip for your time and effort on this awesome Add-On. We think you're doing great. I only wish I had the knowledge to offer my assistance.



    I seem to be able to take an infinite number of readings with the digital thermometer (still?). Anyone else having this issue? IC2 1.43 / Forge 1.2.3

    *EDIT* Looks like that might have only been happening in my single player test. Seems to be working on our server.

    Great little addition by the way - love it. Any way that the future could hold a place-able block that displays a temperature readout (perhaps via a GUI?)? Don't know anything about the creation of mods, or what's possible.

    Just like block IDs, just pick a number that isn't in use. If you just add 10 to my IDs that will probably work.

    I've been using TMI to judge how many itemIDs I've got to toy around with. How do I go about figuring out which guiIDs are still avialable? How many are there total (range?)?

    I'll give it a shot just adding 10 as well. Thanks!

    *EDIT* Worked like a charm, just taking a stab in the dark... thanks for your assistance!

    This is a fantastic mod that I'd like to utilize on our server. We're pretty mod-heavy, but I've got enough blockIDs leftover to accommodate the addition of your addon. However, it's "sharing" the guiIDs with the Forestry mod for all of the items (shows a GUI for a Forester on the Oil Materializer, an Arboretum for the Petrochemical Generator, etc, etc...).

    I've never dealt with a conflict of GUIs before. BlockID issues for days, but not GUIs. Any clue how to go about fixing this?

    BCIC2 Crossover Config snippit:


    Forestry Config snippit (disregard the font spew):


    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

    *EDIT* Just noticed that when accessing the machines from Crossover, it DOES show the correct guiID for a SPLIT second, then it's replaced with the GUI from Forestry (which is probably happening because it is set to load first...?). Either way, wouldn't help, I'm assuming, to load this mod first, cause then all the GUI elements in Forestry would be off. LOL. HELP! : )