Suggestion: [TFC bridge]

  • Creating a connection to the awesome mod of TerraFirmaCraft

    If you don´t know what the mod does please watch direwolfs modshowcase or visit their homepage

    In my opinion a connection between Stone/Iron Age with Industrial Age would be valid ^^

    But in order to do that 2 machines would be needed

    1. A wire drawer could have several tiers

    QQQ Q= Stone W= Air E=Steel/Iron
    WEE Operation : right clicking ?

    WRE R=electronic curcuit -> hooked up with EU

    2. An electronics table

    SInce TFC is promoting realism,creating electronic curcuits with the now used settings isnt valid anymore
    Thats why you need the electronics table FTW ^^

    QQQ R=wood
    QTQ T=furnace


    I dont know if it is made due to its complicated nature -> IC^2 is simplifying TFC is complicating stuff
    But If not maybe it will become an addon

    Write me what ya think ^^

  • tfc is BS in it's current implementation, overcomplicated and counterintuitive, how you imagine typecasting every ore into other ore?

    I dont know what you mean with "BS" but i like the mod and I dont think it is counterintuittive.

    For it to work with ic2 much more work would be needed becuase of the different ore->ingot and tool crafting system

    Since bioxx said he will translate the ores in the ore directory I thought it MAYBE possible to do it.

    I dont know how the oredirectory works. I dont know how Java-esce Minecraft works. Im more a hardware guy then IT.

    I simply saw an opertunity to "fuse" two mods together to create a bigger one, more fun.
    You see, if you reaaaly have to work for your first batbox/generator, it feels more like an accomplishment and it would push the engame far behind.