Constantly flowing, free, HV current

  • Here is a way to create instantaneous, free, HV current. I know what you're thinking: That's easy! Why can't you just use a hybrid reactor or HV Solar panels? Because A, hybrid reactors are resource-intensive, time consuming and dangerous. And HV panels only work during a sunny day. So here: we will combine three MFSU's, a good amount of gold/glass cable and quite a few solar panels, along with some pipes, lava fabricators and geothermal generators. Here we go!

    Make a solar roof on a small building, at least 5x5 using HV panels. Configure the wiring like so:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: (Sorry for item subbing, the solar panel icon is glitched) (They're solar panels)
    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: Connector cables

    :Glass Fibre: Power feed

    Next, take the feed and plug it into the three MFSU's like so:

    :Glass Fibre: Power feed

    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: More connectors

    :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: MFSU's

    Now we have unlimited power during rain or shine, night of day, because once fully charged, three lava fabricators can only consume about 3 500 000 EU during a night or storm. In the event of an extremely large thunderstorm, (many days) you have 30 000 000 EU to last a number of days. Lava fabricators will draw power from the MFSU's during night/rain. In daylight the power passes straight through the multi-functional storage units (MFSU's) So before you perform the next step it is advised to let the MFSU's charge to full. A half drained MFSU will recharge in mere seconds from the HV panel roof. Next steps!

    Draw power from the dotted face of the MFSU's with a glass fiber cable and put it into three lava fabricators as shown:
    :MFS-Unit: :Glass Fibre: Cable
    :Glass Fibre: Cable
    :Advanced Machine: Lava fabricator

    So now the feed is 3x1x2. Build 2 more beside it to make it 3x3x2.

    Take pipes and draw lava from the fabricators:
    :Advanced Machine: :Glass Fibre: Pipe (I know, it's not looking very pipe-ish but respect it)

    The pipe rig is 1x1x2.
    Make 2 more beside it to make it 1x3x2.

    Then take the pipes and plug them into the bottom of a geothermal generator:

    :Geothermal Generator: Geo. generator

    :Glass Fibre: Pipe

    Once more, build this beside it again twice.

    Run cables out the tops of the generators, and....

    You're done! You have infinite power.

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