getGain() method errors?

  • Hi, I was making a cropcard add on and i came to a snag when returning the new ItemStack using the folowing code i get an error

    1. return new ItemStack(Item.appleRed, 3, 0);

    but the code (mod_JTCrops.itemname, 3, 0); for instance will drop the correct item and not error and i also get the same error when returning items using the IC2 API getItem();


    Thanks Jordan30001

  • Quote

    return new ItemStack(Item.appleRed, mod_ForTheTrees.random.nextInt(2) + 1);

    That's what I have for my crop that drops apples. Just the item ID and the amount (which is random 1-2).

    Try cutting out that third argument, just to be sure.

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  • Didn't work :(

    same error