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    Sorry guys, real life smacked me with a baseball bat and left me stranded in Really Scary Medical Land, so I haven't had the chance to even consider opening Eclipse in a long while.
    As soon as my little preemie is healthy enough I'll be trying to get myself back into the swing of things. Till then, sorry no updates unless someone else feels like hacking through my piss poor source.


    return new ItemStack(Item.appleRed, mod_ForTheTrees.random.nextInt(2) + 1);

    That's what I have for my crop that drops apples. Just the item ID and the amount (which is random 1-2).

    Try cutting out that third argument, just to be sure.

    Sorry, been distracted.

    FTT does not touch anything but the IC2 API, so as long as the cropcard, item, and energy API classes don't change this should stay compatible with any IC2 release in MC1.2.5
    I just have it listed as 1.95 because my organizational skills are pure crap so keeping track of install versions for testing is a hassle I don't feel like dealing with right now.

    Though if it does break in an update and I don't get it fixed in a timely manner, all the source is included so anyone who wanted to is more than welcome to recompile/obfuscate it and get it working again.

    Dragonherald, you're arguing visual design and layout efficacy.

    If you believe you can do better, create a new website layout compatible with the hosting software they use that better directs people towards the modder's homepages.
    If it's legit and not a cheap shot at cheapshot's design skills (pun Fully intended), I will gladly inform them of your work and let you negotiate with them on the use of it.

    The website is Good Enough, but never pass up an opportunity to do better.

    Actually this is quite interesting.
    Sengir admits an attempt was made, in the same paragraph he says they never did (paypal donation). He also says they never tried after he put the code in place, which is confusing as well because if they didn't talk, then how did they come to the agreement that the code would be disabled and technic would never carry forestry again?
    Kakermix has posted a screenshot of his attempt to communicate with covertjaguar in a similar fashion, so I would assume kaker could provide the same concerning his attempts with sengir is he desired.

    Since I have no way of verifying more than one instance of it, I retract any statement I have made about the technic team attempting to contact sengir more than once.

    Though please not that's not as blanket "I lose" as you're going to jump to. He also admits ion that same paragraph he never attempted to contact them.
    "Going by their track record, it was also obvious that they were going to ignore removal requests."
    He freely admits he never tried.

    So as I have made claim, supported by sengir's own words: the technic team did try to contact sengir, he ignored them, and he never contacted them to have it removed.
    Do you agree to that interpretation, or do you believe he meant something else by that comment?

    I've never said the technic team is a bunch of saints, but they're not the Rape and Pillage Puppy Eating Genocidal Nazi Terrorist Black Plague Bearers you paint them to be.
    All I have ever asked is you guys stop bashing it and attempting to vilify everyone who has ever touched the launcher. These forums are for IC2, and verbally gang raping and calling for a permaban on anyone who utters the tords "technic" or "tekkit" is idiotic when the guy in charge of this place has voiced his approval of the pack carrying his mod.
    If you want to bash technic, go do it in the forestry thread. If I just wanted to argue and flame I'd be over there attacking sengir myself, now wouldn't I?


    forestry thread... 5 seconds

    Awesome speed reading skills there. That's 5th post on the 16th page back from the end of a 266 page thread. 5 seconds is about 2000-3000 words a second?
    Commendable computer setup as well, I can't even get it to load a page per 5 seconds.

    I'm just going to answer direct questions.
    Oh, and respond to crafter.


    Has it occurred to you that (unlike the Technic forums) this forum does not have ads?

    No, it doesn't, because I don't see them anyway. I offered to turn off ABP on the technic forums when the discussion on how much bandwidth was costing them, kakermix said not to because he doesn't want to force anyone to be subjected to ads.


    Neowulf While I feel that it is fine to fight for what you believe in, pllease focus on actually arguing instead of psychoanalyzing people, we get it, we all fit into your "typical stereotypes" it's not helping your argument

    Eh, it's fun analyzing people. Defense mechanisms are the most interesting, though watching someone come to terms with their own hollywood delusion is very satisfying.
    And I get to dramatically overact occasionally when I string those cliches together, which is a great outlet for the barrage of broadway musical songs my wife subjects me to.

    Just answering direct questions.


    Out of interest, has CovertJaguar given his permission yet?

    Check your sources, anytime after april?
    Kaker posted part of his communication with covert in mid april in response to a reported youtube comment by covert that he was considering attacking technic himself with hidden code. I would assume that the talks went well, 3 months is easily enough time for covert to do something about it and railcraft hasn't been replaced by some other rail expansion mod (despite constant calls for something called steve's carts).

    Just answering direct questions.


    And where did you get this information about him not talking to Technic/Tekkit at all?

    Why would kaker keep it secret and lie about it? He hasn't tried to cover up any other author dislike, why would sengir be special? Why would sengir try to keep the code hidden when he could come out and say "My mod will no longer work in technic." and make his mod just crash not load instead of a certain part exploding.
    There are no posts on the technic forums from sengir, and none of the trolls trying to fan flamewars have reposted sengir calling for technic to remove forestry.

    Burden of proof. Defend your claim. Show me where sengir said something like "I told them to remove it but they..." because all evidence points to passive aggressive brooding and an attempt to defame the technic team by attacking their userbase.
    If you can't provide that, then please stop repeating the same argument over and over.

    Simple math here people, or is 2+2=4 automatically wrong because a technic user is stating it?

    According to bbq's own rates and that little "hits total:" count below, Alblaka should be sitting pretty on over $20-40k by now from this forum alone.
    Or maybe, just maybe, ads aren't as lucrative as you guys seem to think.

    And really, think about what you're claiming.
    By the technic bug boards, 95% of the people using the pack can barely get an automated installer working. Half of them can't even read forum titles to put their desperate cry for help in the right spot.
    Do you actually believe all those people would be using IC2 and generating ~$0.005 per view and $0.004 per download? And do you really believe you could handle the sheer amount of "Your mod is crap! I install it and it doesn't work! You need to fix it!" and "Make my server work! No one can connect to it!" that would be generated from it?

    And really magus, my misbehavior? My refusal to roll over and accept everything you say as gospel truth? My insistence that if you're going to flame technic, you should have some actual evidence and not just "Because I say so!" (burden of proof being on the accuser is such a pain, innit?)
    bbq was the one dredging up every anti-technic flame he could and starting a few of his own. You're the one using classic political strategies to try convincing people technic is akin to theft and attempted murder. And now a few of you are trying to silence me so you don't have to actually back up your claims or deal with counter-arguments from someone smart enough to use punctuation and grammar.


    And I think, if we use mods, we should at least respect the modders wishes regarding of its use.

    Oh yes, completely agree.
    So why are you guys raging against technic? All grievances have been settled and the mod authors have voiced their approval of technic hosting their mods.
    Or are you just putting that up for show and damn the modders, you want something to rally against?


    You ran out of arguments to defend Tekkit, so now you prefer atack the people who are atacking Tekkit.

    So far every argument against technic has boiled down to "LALALA! NOT LISTENING! TECHNIC BAD!"
    The best comment made so far against technic has been in another thread by dragonherald, and it was basically a wish that technic wasn't legal.
    Everything else has hinged on facts that are no longer relevant.

    I didn't make a personal attack there. I truly am sorry I got sucked into an argument with someone who doesn't care about facts or reality, just his hatred of something.

    Magus has twice now used examples of physical theft and grevious bodily harm to describe the actions of the technic team.
    Both those actions carry much greater social consequences than minor copyright infringement, especially since the matter has been settled by all relevant parties.

    His actions seek to sway the opinion of readers by misinforming them of the legal and social impact of the deeds done.

    He has also downplayed the mitigation efforts of the technic team as "not enough" and has done it in a way that suggests a giant blinking 40pt font or automatic redirection of any visitor of the technic site to a random mod author's page wouldn't even begin to be enough.
    Every action to make amends is declared "not enough", creating a moving goal the technic people can never achieve and therefor that have already failed by his opinion.

    He argues not to persuade or come to a compromise, but only to insult and repeat misinformation.

    He's not even that good at it. I deal with politicians, magus might make city council some day but only if the other guy doesn't keep his mistress in check.

    I defend technic because it's a fun and interesting challenge. You haters are pretty much textbook cases from my old abnormal psych class.
    Oh, and the pack is fun too, it introduced me to dozens of mods I would be completely ignorant of because frankly, it was never worth the effort before.

    All together I think I've seen the SA website twice a long time ago. Both times they had decided to attack something I was part of.
    I'm a technic user thank you very much.


    I've seen those links. They are more like sticky notes tacked to the beginning of a memo like some federal requirement that has to be enforced, but the company would rather just ignore due to laziness.

    Wow, really? That's "small"?

    Ya know what? I'm sorry everyone. I'm truly sorry. I let myself get sucked into an argument with a someone who will twist and ignore reality to support their beliefs.
    I should have done some research into Magus and bbq's posting histories before I continued.
    I know, huge failure on my part considering I rag on newbies on the technic forums for not bothering to do a preliminary search of their problem before posting about it in a wrong section.
    I hate letting misinformation go unanswered, but I also know better than to feed trolls. Again, sorry.

    Goon? Are you using an antiquated insult or am I missing something here?

    So, you think kaker is claiming responsibility for creating all the content within the pack? Seriously? Even though technic does now have permission from authors, has multiple links all across the website to each mod's homepage, redirects all donations to the various author's donation links, and officially refers to each mod as "mod by author"?
    I can't decide whether that level of misinformation comes from willful ignorance or deliberate trolling.

    Passing, sorry but I cannot honor your request completely. This will be my final post in this thread though.

    Crafter: Boy, I've probably been driving longer than you've been alive. Do not make a car analogy and insult my intelligence if you're not smart enough to distinguish physical property law from copyright law.

    Mod authors: "Come one, come all, come see this awesome car part schematic I have designed! Go ahead, use it to make your own cars awesomer!"

    Technic: "Hey guys, check out the awesome car I made by adding all the awesome schematics together and tweaking them to not break eachother. Here's the big schematic of all the little ones added together, if you want to try it yourself."

    Some modders: "That's cool."

    Other modders: "Hey, you can't use my schematic, you didn't ask me and I say everyone must figure out my schematic themselves!"

    Sengir: "..."

    Car users: *RAGE!FLAME!FORMSIDES!*

    Technic: "Wow, combining them was really popular when I meant it for my friends only. Other modders, here's 10x whatever adflypennies you'd ever see, I'm eating the costs of hosting, and I've directed all users to donate to you. We cool?"

    Other modders: "Yeah, sure, I guess."

    Sengir: "..."


    Technic: "We cool Sengir?"

    Sengir: "..."

    Technic: "Ok, whatever."

    Sengir: *Changes schematic so it cuts a users brake line if they go a speed multiple of 7* *Hopes no one notices*

    Technic: *Notices the glaringly obvious change* "Why did you do that Sengir?"

    Car users: *RAGE!RAGE!FLAME!*

    Sengir: "Don't want schematic in pack."

    Technic: "Ok, it's out."

    Sengir: "Ok, told the knife not to cut for now."


    Not saying what happened was ideal, but there are packs out there that flaunt the fact they don't have permission. Yet technic is the evil boogieman.

    Now, I understand you guys are incapable of dropping a subject you can vent your teen angst over so I'm going to just end my involvement in this with a question.
    How many of you actually understand the various laws with jurisdiction, have researched the subject yourself, and havr formed your own opinion.
    And how many are just repeating the opinion someone you emulate has?

    Funny example: Forestry, till SirSengir say to tekkit mod author "U MAD?" and made something really funny if forestry is running under technic

    Sengir never asked that forestry be removed. His first bit of dialog with kaker and the lot came after he inserted malicious code into his mod.
    And guess what? Not in the pack anymore because surprise surprise, when he actually talked with the technic team they removed it.

    Might be funny for you, but frankly sengir showed he cannot be trusted not to put malicious code in his mods that attack people he doesn't like. People who don't think like troll memes can see why that's a very bad thing to do.

    So you're perfectly fine with someone who refuses dialog and instead broods silently then uses malicious code to attack the playerbase of someone he doesn't like?
    I will never use forestry again, not matter how I obtain it. By showing he will gladly use malicious code to further his goals over simple words he has broken the trust I had, and I can no longer be reasonably sure that his code won't suddenly contain a lastlogin harvester or world corrupter (or worse) in some update, aimed at someone else he doesn't like.