[Suggestion] Some piston fun

  • They can't just be made into blocks. A block has certain limitations sadly, and that's why we use TileEntitys. The problem with TileEntitys is:
    - They're all "containers", the TileEntity code Notch wrote was for a chest, it never occurred to him at some point in the future people may need more than just a chest.
    - Mojang is a bit lazy at times, really the pistons should have pushed TileEntitys from the start. Eloraam did it in her spare time, so why can't Mojang do it in exchange for the few hundred million dollars they're netting (they're still only at a 100 and something million euros)?

  • The only reason i could see anyone wanting to use Pistons on Tile entities is to make compact houses that does not have anything to run into, and that you could do with frames. this is a stupid dugestion in my opinion as Pistons were a idea and have been expanded apon, More pistons mod and RP2 Frames