NEW Server - Now taking applications IC2, RP2, BC3, Logistics Pipes, and more

  • We are now taking applicataions for our new server.

    We have the following mods on the server:

    Buildcraft 3.1
    Enderchest 1.1
    Forestry 1.4
    Industrialcraft 2 1.97
    RedPower 2.0 pr5b2
    LogisticsPipes 0.5 - Special SMP Version
    Compact Solars 2.3.2
    Iron Chest 3.8
    PortalGun 5.3
    Mystcraft 3.3.7
    AdditionalPipes 3.2.0
    IC2 Advanced Machines
    Railcraft 5.3.3

    This MC server is running on the following server

    AMD Opteron 3280, 8 Cores, 8x 2.4 GHz
    16 GB DDR3-RAM
    2x 2,000 GB SATA II-HDD, 7.2k
    100MB Dedicated Full Port

    We are only taking applications for people doing lets play who wants to start doing them on our server.

    Here are the terms.

    If you are selected you must release at lest 1 video a week and this video must of been recorded on our server. I don't care if you release videos from other server as long as at lest 1 video a week are from our server.

    You must be able to install all mods on your own! We will give you help on where to get them but in the end it is up to you to install them.

    You must respect other people and respect them enough if they are doing builds for there videos not to show them on you videos until they released there first.

    We are doing lets players only because we can want to build a group of people who can feed off each other. To not only wants to build there viewer count but the count of everyone else on the server.

    Now lets talk about the why. Why would you want to come with us. Well we run a hosting company and the server is ours and isn't going anywhere. We are at the step in our company where we can aford to do this.

    You don't have to pay anything but a video a week on youtube, but if you fell like donating we will not stop you. We have been working with moded minecraft servers for about 2 years now so we know what we are doing.

    Also, we are only wanting people who do lets play and because of that we are very pickey on who we want on our server. Just because you do a lets play doesn't mean you get on our server.

    If you do not do videos but also want to play on our server, we will let you on for a one time payment of $20, and $5 a month after that. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO PEOPLE WHO DO NOT DO VIDOES / LETS PLAYS.


    Youtube name:
    Youtube Channel('s) (URLS):
    Video released per week:
    Avg view count per video:


    Tell in about your lets plays or what you plain on doing:

  • Why so expensive for people who don't want to do Youtube videos? I have been looking for a server with this combination of mods for a long time, I have a mic and a Youtube channel, however, I don't have the time to make videos.

    Edit: I might do Youtube videos if required. So here is an application with my channel.

    Youtube Name: HaxorforHire
    Youtube Channel:
    Videos Per Week: I will possibly do a minimum of one. However, I will not be talking during my videos, as my mic is garbage.
    View Count: I currently have no videos, and therefore no views. I plan to change this.

    Age: 16

    I have lots of experience with these mods and enjoy them on SSP. I have big build plans where server mechanics will play a large role.

  • Because at this time we are only looking for people who do lets plays. We want to build at lest 5 good youTubers. After we do that then we will open the server to non youTubers and change a small monthly fee ( alot smaller then it is now )

  • Is the server currently open? If so is my application accepted? I could start within the next day or two, just to give me time to get my mods and recording software setup.

  • Youtube name: Sons Of Valour clan
    Youtube Channel('s) (URLS):
    Video released per week: The video count will be one a day (currently doing DayZ lets play)
    Avg view count per video: 28 But dont forget what starts out small can grow very quick

    Age: 15

    Tell in about your lets plays or what you plain on doing: We plan on providing a entertaining lets play for people, and with the power of a clan we provide that with entertaining convos, entertaining game play and most importantly we do what other dont normall do. For example in the most recent episodes of the DayZ lets play i decided to get to work making a dayZ game show where we pick up new players and take them out to a secret location and quiz them. Loser get a bullet to the head, winner gets a bullet to the head. And because we are a clan we can provide the viewer with multiple shows and or lets plays at once ( currently im the only one). And one more note, if you do decide to open your server up to sons of valour would you be ok with 10 fellow clan mates joining?

    *edit* If you do decide to take in Sons Of Valour we allready have a client with all the mods ready to roll, just need configs.


  • Youtube name: whitepagan

    Youtube Channel('s) (URLS):

    Video released per week: 1/2

    Avg view count per video: depending what the video is as i have just started doing minecraft videos but the highest viewed video on my channel is nearly 50,000 and the lowest is 32

    Age: 25

    Tell in about your lets plays or what you plain on doing: Ok go with me on this want to do a story type lets play where a guy gets sucked tron style into minecraft and is force to play out a scenario in order to beat it and return home, the scenario being establish a base and a comfortable living conditions with as much automation as possible