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    Got a crash using fastcraft-1.22-ctest22.jar.

    Was connecting to a dedicated server running the same version, immediately after updating both from ctest21.

    The actual crash begins on line 8179 and appears to be an issue with Thermal Dynamics server when it is accessing a neighboring block that has changed states.

    Will try rolling back FastCraft version.

    Edit: Changing client back to ctest21 fixes the issue or at least allows me to play without crashing.

    Same error as Alaberti.

    I was checking to make sure flat bedrock was enabled and in the process I dug through it. The crash happened immediately when I fell below 0 with my F3 screen open.

    Once I restarted my client and reopened the world I was below bedrock and the game was working normally, without the F3 screen being open. I flew above bedrock, opened F3 with no crash, closed F3, and then went below bedrock again.

    As soon as the F3 screen is opened below 0 it results in the crash.

    i am runing a FTB Ultimate Server. The Server crashes every time some spezific people come on the Server. I am getting this error:

    And i dont know what to do :(

    Replace the existing BaseMetaTileEntityMJ.class with this one: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.…aseMetaTileEntityMJ.class

    I don't know if your clients will have to do that as well, but they might. You should really upgrade to 1.5.2 or 1.6.2, there are loads of cool stuff from Gregtech and other mods.

    Its okay, someone pointed me at the right configs. Thanks for that PaladinOne, and you too Greg. Love your content, just not the way you change others :)

    I won't be back unless I need more config help, because this place seems bad for my health with all the people who try to tear apart my semi - fully valid arguements instead of answering my original question.

    I know, but the config also does the stupid thing of giving 111 bronze and buckets.

    I like the mods original content, just not the balance fixes that Greg has made. I even liked the mod enough at one point that I donated, I am just slowly getting annoyed at the balancing that Greg does because it seems to make MineCraft realistic. MineCraft is not a realistic game, it never will be, and its turning my once fun MineCraft world into a chore simply because I want features like the Industrial Grinder and Rockcutter.

    Is there an actual config to revert all GregTech difficulty changes?

    Because getting 2 planks for a log is just the tipping point, you have nerfed early game progression as well, its a game, not a full time job.

    Right now the "tooeasy" config gives you 111 bronze and buckets when using tin buckets or crafting bronze with ingots. If your going to be nice enough to offer your mod without all the "balancing" features, can you at least make it real, not a joke?

    Actually, there is a recent addon/bugfix made for RedPower2. Its called RPTweaks, its not all that hard to find with a simple google of its name. It just drops into the mods folder, and it fixes a great deal of bugs. The rendering and networking didn't get touched so that is pretty laggy still, but everything else now works as intended. Of course the person whom made it violated the TOS for RedPower, but he did it in good intentions. Still, I won't post a link so I don't get this post removed.

    I am here to further evolve this idea into something cool. Instead of higher tiered overclockers, call them internal circuitry upgrades.

    Crafted as such:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Coolant Cell: :Glass Fibre: :Coolant Cell:
    :Glass Fibre: :Electronic Circuit: :Glass Fibre:

    Reasoning: Apart from the furnaces all the machines use mechanical force to perform these processes. Therefore these upgrades would not be usable on the electric furnace, because we already have the induction furnace. The plating increases the strength of the machines hulls, allowing the mechanism to exert greater force on the materials within. The coolant cells further enhance the conductivity of the circuits and cables, reducing energy loss. The glass fibre and circuit replace the already existing circuitry inside of the machine, allowing more room for larger mechanical components. Yes, you heard correctly, this is not an item, but a placeable block. It connects to any adjacent IC2 machine, such as a canning machine, extractor, compressor, or macerator.

    Suggested Benefits: Speed increase of 100% with the same energy cost, but the effect will not stack. Only one of these blocks will affect a machine at a time.

    Oh god, I want a boat that consumes godly amounts of EU and can travel at the same speed as my modular power suit.

    RichardG and the Cinderboats author are responsible for any coding aka loss of productivity this may introduce into my day.

    *Dives headfirst into pool, finds out it was concrete.

    I wish there was a gregtech villager that traded like 20 stacks of emerald blocks for a matterfabricator and other stuff like a chargomat and computer-cube. And some stuff could only be obtainable by a gregtech villager.

    You want this feature until you get a world with no village for a couple thousand blocks, then you can't get all the GregTech stuff.

    I am running without scrap, so its 1 million EU for a piece of UU, the fastest rate is 1 piece per tick, so 1 million EU a tick it is then. Damnit, now what do I do with the extra 100000 my planned setup will produce?

    Edit: My server runs at higher than 20 TPS, because I changed the limit of when Minecraft is supposed to stop trying to reach a higher TPS. So this could result in my panels making slightly more EU per second than expected.