Has Nano Armor changed, or is this a bug? (No damage)

  • In using Nano Armor, it seems to make me almost impervious to damage, and only *slowly* drain the energy while doing so. I can sit in lava for a minute straight and have lost less than 5% of the energy. I thought monsters hitting me did some damage once or twice, but for the most part their attacks do nothing.

    This is on a bukkit server, using Forge on the client side, and craftbukkit-1.2.5-R4.1-MCPC-SNAPSHOT-174+r4.1update0721 on the server side, and IC2 v1.97. I have some other mods, but tested with IC2 only, and got the same behavior. Previously, in Minecraft 1.0, with IC2 v1.43, it seemed to work fine. It was strong, but damage still got through, even if it was just a half heart per zombie hit, and after a lot of heavy fighting, you needed to recharge it. Here, it feels extremely overpowered, and I can't use it in good conscience. (Incidentally, yes, I mean nano armor, and not quantum armor)

    So, is this by design, or is this a bug?


  • I read about another bug with the nanosaber being only with a cheated in one, so I tested again by using NEI to get Carbon Plates and energy crystals, and then manually crafting them from there. Monsters and Creepers seemed to do damage. Small amounts, but what you'd expect with strong armor, and certainly not invincible. However, the energy still doesn't seem to go down very fast at all. After probably 50 hits from zombies and spiders, and a few Creeper blasts, I was down the smallest sliver on energy. Also, I can still sit in lava and take no damage.


  • I think the nanosiut is supposed to do that because the Qsuit is basically a reinforced nanosiut with some upgrades.

  • I have noticed that the Nano Armor's energy use has gotten a lot more efficient; it never went below 90% for me. However, it does not offer invincibility like the Qsuit; a full set gives you 90% armor, which equals 72% damage reduction. That's enough to average out to less than half a heart of damage from most sources (including lava, I believe) but strong hits like Endermen or anything on Hard mode will still damage you.

    However, using the full suit of armor is unusual; most people prefer a jetpack or bat/lappack instead of the chestpiece, which make the damage reduction only 36%; quite a bit less powerful. A direct Creeper hit will take you below half health.

    So the tradeoff for not having flight/extra energy is a large amount of damage reduction. I don't think it's overpowered, although it would make sense if it consumed energy faster.

    A BIT faster. I don't want to run out of energy in the middle of an adventure, but never going under 90% is odd.

  • Yeah, I know it's strong, but I was getting 0 damage from lava, even after sitting in it for 30 seconds or more. And sure, the energy might be efficient, but if I can take multiple creeper blasts and 30-50 attacks from monsters and only be down 5% or less.... Well, what's the point in being able to generate so much energy if your equipment uses it so slowly? It seems slow enough that it might be a bug, but I wasn't sure, so I was asking.

    I know in the old 1.64 version, it would run out of energy reasonably quickly. It took awhile, but after an extended mining trip of a day or three, it would be out or low, depending on how much fighting/falling you'd been doing. It just seems *vastly* slower to discharge now, which is why I brought it up, since I didn't see any references to that in the change logs.