Chernobyl-367 reactor

  • I'm new to this nuclear thing, so, please, tell me if I got something wrong.


    It's a deadly cheap, deadly simple and deadly effective, but deadly risky reactor.
    With no extra chambers and only two heat dispensers it can be constructed very, very early.
    It has 367% of base effectivity, or 82% of maximum theoretically possible.

    It can charge one MFE unit (through transformer) before exploding. Then it cools down for about 17 minutes (according to planner). MFE unit is set to emit signal when full, and is connected by redwire back to reactor. So, reactor switches off automatically, and without .
    Also, some other precautions are recommended, such as activated redstone going over wood block and then inverted into reactor (for auto-switching off when wood is on fire). Not sure if it will work fast enough, though. And, of cause, wall of reinforced stone between reactor and your other significant belonging is highly recommended.

    MFE is not recommended to be directly connected to anything else, but instead should be used to charge things such as lappack once or twice per cool down period.

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  • I feel as it is appropriatedly named due to its Russian sense of character, having a wood sensor to turn the reactor off in case of melt down IF THE LOG IS BURNING.

  • I feel as it is appropriatedly named due to its Russian sense of character, having a wood sensor to turn the reactor off in case of melt down IF THE LOG IS BURNING.

    Ironically, reason for Chernobyl Distaster being so, well, disastrous, was that graphite moderators DID catch on fire, resulting in a lot of radioactive smoke/fallout.

    Wooden sensors idea, though, is not mine - i found it here How to make a reactor safety shutoff
    And it is not a necessary part of design, just an extra safety measure.

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    Cooldowntime = 30mins, running Time 150secs for you Reactor, according to my Offlineplanner V2.

    My Reactor is incredibly expensive and has a 3m-Wall-Cube around its 7x7x5 Coreconstruction. Of course its my CASUC and it needs space for Bucketcoolant, but the 1840 EU/t are worth the Risk of, uhhhm... the destruction of Reinforced Stone? Nothing can happen to me, while standing in my Workshop, directly under it. Muahahahaha!

  • Well, you left two external cooling blocks as air instead of water -- correcting that makes the cooldown time 15 minutes after 600k EU have been output (technically, it's 15m 20s after 600,600 EU, which is the closest I could set the timing scale). Top heat level at about 5,000 means it shouldn't even evaporate water, which is good, as long as your MFE safety cutoff works.

    Consider pairing with a switch cable that can be turned on (allow power through) after the MFE is charged, while keeping the redstone signal to the reactor on (letting the reactor keep cooling). With Redpower, consider using a state cell or timer to automatically cool down for 16 minutes (extra one minute buffer), which could also trigger the MFE flush.

  • Two blocks are for redstone wiring.
    I'm trying now to set reactor only charging MFE if it is completely empty, and connect it to the main grid. This way, energy will not go to waste when there is less than 330 eu below maximum.

  • Oh, darn, I see what you mean. You might be able to reduce that to one block (under the reactor, with a torch under it), assuming that's an accepted redstone input. That would make the shutdown signal take an extra two ticks to arrive at the generator, but that actually just about matches the 600,600 EU on the timing scale. Hell, if you wanted to minimize the cooldown time, there is always the extra space in the reactor for a bit more cooling capacity.

    As to wasting EUs, the only way I can think to do that while keeping things safe is probably to have a bit of overflow (maybe a batbox's worth) that only receives current when the main MFE is full. Not sure if it would react in time to keep from wasting one or two ticks' worth of power, but it should be a fairly simple addon to the auto-cutoff.

    Using vanilla redstone only... an EU detector cable could detect if power is flowing out of the MFE (and prevent the reactor from starting up). Another MFE on the other end of the switch+detector cables could be set to "output if partially filled", preventing the reactor from starting up while the last batch of 600k EU has yet to be consumed. As the maximum output rate for an MFE is 128 EU/t, this should serve as sufficient time to cool down the reactor, I think.

    Darn it, now you've made me want to build this reactor and try it.

  • I think it's better to make reactor running in "minicycles", like 10 seconds on/100 seconds off, to keep temperature at minimum.
    With one extra chamber and one extra dispenser effective output can be set to 34 EU/t, which is supposedly more than BatBox can digest. So, if we feed output through BatBox without wasting, then reactor never can work hard enough to explode.

    Alternative 1C/3HD loadout with more uranium/effectivity and 32.7 EU/t
    Will be probably dangerously hot even after 600k Eu, so better to feed it to BatBox (set to take energy when empty only) directly (through transformers), instead of MFE.

  • I finally made it work as intended. Problem was, if BatBox is set to emit if empty, it should NOT be adjacent to transformer.
    So, it's Reactor-MV transformer-LV Transformer-Copper Wire-BatBox - Wire to main grid
    BatBox is set to emit when empty, and restone inverted into reactor.

    There is probably some lag and some energy buffered in transformers, so BatBox receives several thousands of EU each time reactor starts up. I have not tested it with fresh elements yet, but it seems to cool over time and behave as Mark i overall.