Crossbreeds giving vanilla seeds - confused!

  • Hi people :)

    Thought I'd start playing around with the agriculture side of IC for a change, and have come across a couple of... perplexing things. For instance, is it normal to have a crossbreed plant (ie, the cropnalyzer calls it "unknown") that upon harvesting, gives me a seedbag containing a solitary ordinary cocoa bean, and no other info in the cropnalyzer window? From what I can gather, some 'crossbreed' plants are actually vanilla in disguise - is there a way of telling this before they mature? And, are there any species that will not crossbreed under any circumstance? I'd like to not waste space in the lab ;)

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  • You pretty much have to recognize the beginning stages of vanilla plants on crops. If you see one, destroy it. The only problem is that some crossbreeds have the same starting stages as vanilla plants. In any case, those vanilla "crossbreeds" that you get might have better GGR stats than your original plants, so I'd suggest keeping them.