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    the creator of Factorization has already started implementing Mecha-style modular armor; perhaps the goal should be cross-mod compatibility?

    I for one would love to see the day when giant stompy Mechs roam MC with jet boots, lasers, and flames shooting from their ass.

    Ok maybe not the flames. But a flamethrower would be cool :)

    Why on Earth is Minecraft looking for this in the first place?? This is a build that works perfectly on my system, but my gf's crashes with the above error...
    any hints on how I should rectify this? Because I'm at a loss. We've removed the offending .zip from the mods folder but it still crashes.

    EDIT: MC was trying to load the ENTIRE contents of the My Documents folder. Removed everything IC related and it loads fine.

    here's another 2c to ponder...

    I too used to use solar for my early game power, back when it used cables not circuits to build. Then, it was easily the best option in terms of automatic power generation - no furnace stoking, uranium mining, nothing but free power.
    That all changed when solar plants upped the resource cost.

    Some pros and cons of the Big 4:
    Pros: A basic fuelburner is the cheapest EU generator you can build; fuel is plentiful (and in the case of charcoal renewable)
    Cons: very low EU production
    Pros: Low resource cost to build, high fuel/EU ratio, fuel is readily available, good source of mobile power
    Cons: fuel can be difficult to source at the very beginning, limited EU generation
    Pros: Automatic generation, infinite fuel
    Cons: very low individual EU generation, must be visible to surface (and thus visible to other players)
    Pros: high output, EU per fuel unit ratio is massive
    Cons: extremely expensive to build, difficult to move, potentially incredibly destructive

    I tend to build in that order; starting with coalburners til I can find a decent lava source (ie til I build a portal, or find a nearby lake), then using geos almost exclusively for mobile mining operations and remote recharge stations. My workshop/processing I run from geo until I can craft enough solar - I find that for a basic workshop of 2-3 macerators/recycler/compressor/electric furnace that approximately 12 or 14 solar panels feeding a pair of MFU's is quite sufficient. This generally lasts me until such time as I can craft a Nuclear plant, which I then use (for the most part) as a stand-alone power source for Mass Fabricators. I also run a circuit that allows me to use my nuclear plant to automatically top up my workshop power capacity.

    We will gloss over my intense desire for the old, stackable IC coal/biofuel system to return - refillable fuel cans just render the whole process a waste of time and energy :(

    Hope someone finds this useful :)

    As it says, I can no longer place rail on scaffolding, be it reinforced or no.

    This is current for: 1.3.2 + Forge 240 + IC 1.106; rail that was placed on scaffolding prior to updating to 1.3.2 remains in place but if one of the rail tiles or one of the supporting scaffolds is broken the entire section of rail breaks and is unreplaceable.

    If anyone has encountered this, and has a possible solution, 'twould be much appreciated.

    Is it possible to increase the number of plants I have of a particular cross-bred specie (for example, coffee) without having to breed each and every one individually?
    ie; will seedbags ever contain more than 1 seed?

    Redpower needs large amounts of Copper/Tin to make its Machines. Guess what my remaining Copper is used. And Bronze is also a very important Part of Advanced Alloy. Railcraft can use Bronze perfectly for Rails (if you need them) and in Multiplayer/Framequarries are Rails pretty important, because they are immune to Chunkerrors while traveling, unlike the Q-Suit, and i also don't want to hold the Arrowkey permanently. And isn't Copper a good Buildingmaterial?

    I just hate it, to waste Resources (even Cobblestone/Dirt since i have IC²-Recyclers).

    Valid points, except: I don't use RP, my Reactor + chambers is already built, and I already have more rail than I know what to do with...
    Framequarries? I assume that's not referring to IC, lol. As for building with it - the vast majority of my building is with CF ;)

    I know what you mean about not wanting to waste resources; but at present I really have more copper than I need.

    addendum: RE Batteries as a 'very niche' item? whut the? they're essential for low voltage work (ie crafting batboxes) for one... and let's not forget Cells. Another thing to point out would be that not everyone uses an IC/RP/BC/Forestry build. Some of us only use IC.

    You are recycling Copper? WHY?

    Because the Bronze Age died out a long time ago.

    Armor? Quantum. Wrenches? Electric. Iron replacement? At last tally I had well over 1500 Iron (my gf is a spelunker who cavemines prodigiously).
    And that's not even counting the rails pulled from abandoned mines...

    Besides which, tin tends to get used on my world almost as soon as it's smelted... mostly it goes to empty cells for my pumps, batteries for use in other recipes, and ULV cabling. And, if ever my wish for stackable fuelcans becomes once again reality, there'll be yet another thing I'll need tin for. Copper, on the other hand, I have in abundance...

    It is not part of that bug. People can live with their machines being faced the wrong way. What people can't live with is their machines not receiving ANY power at all.

    The machine orientation is more than just a texture issue, tho. I could live with machines pointing the wrong way too - IF they actually worked without requiring manually applied battery power.

    And given that the sideways machines and the e-net bug are both related to world update technicalities, I had assumed they were separate symptoms of the same update mishandling.


    forge 152 was the only solution that worked for me

    in SMP? What version of IC are you using? Because my last foray into Forge 152 was an awful, awful mess in SMP.

    it's definitely the most common IC2 ore there is if you're mining for diamonds.

    uhhh... unless you're exclusively mining at near-bedrock levels, copper is by *far* the most abundant. Try setting up a bank of autominers at sea level... they'll pull easily twice as much copper as tin on a consistent basis - to the point where I don't even bother to macerate copper ore anymore. Hell, I don't even smelt it until my stocks drop - it just goes straight to the Recycler.

    As for the depth tin spawns at - jppk is right in that regard; when checking the output from my autominers, tin is usually towards the bottom of the chest - indicating it gets mined at lower levels.

    Is that all this version resolves, though?
    If it just fixes machine orientation without rectifying the e-net disconnection issue then it's really rather pointless, as we'll all have correctly oriented machinery that still doesn't bloody well work properly.

    If however it fixes the e-net issue as well - then the thread title should really reflect that ;)

    it's just the way the ore generation works... tin has pretty much always been the 2nd rarest of the metals after gold.

    Love thy Macerator.

    of all my IC tools - I hate the agricultural Tricorder with a peculiar passion.

    It needs internal EU storage. I don't care if I have to make it with energy crystals; if a mining laser can store a metric shiteload of EU then surely an agricultural Tricorder can too.
    The only time I should see a battery these days is when I'm using one as a crafting ingredient for something else.

    Also, why do I need to scan the same seeds 4 times? If I can build a working Teleporter then surely an agricultural Tricorder can analyze a bag of seeds in a single pass...

    just a thought.

    Hi people :)

    Thought I'd start playing around with the agriculture side of IC for a change, and have come across a couple of... perplexing things. For instance, is it normal to have a crossbreed plant (ie, the cropnalyzer calls it "unknown") that upon harvesting, gives me a seedbag containing a solitary ordinary cocoa bean, and no other info in the cropnalyzer window? From what I can gather, some 'crossbreed' plants are actually vanilla in disguise - is there a way of telling this before they mature? And, are there any species that will not crossbreed under any circumstance? I'd like to not waste space in the lab ;)

    an in-house IC chunk-loader would be freakin' awesome. More Tier 2 machinery to feed!

    in the hopes of invoking Steve's Law: how long til someone [a] builds an EU-powered IC chunk-loading device then someone hooks it to those huge screens in computercraft via some wireless redstone so that [code=c] you could have remote chunk loading control at the touch of a button... then bring on [d] the industrial teleporter that brings all your miner's goodies straight back to Processing Central from the remote mining outposts... :D

    Famous last words? heh...

    in all seriousness, that isn't enough information to diagnose a problem. At the very least an exact list of what mods/versions will help considerably.

    My 2c is on no Forge installed.