Resupply Crop-matron with tubing

  • It's nice to have the ability to have tubing connected to the crop-matron; however, I can't control and the crop-matron is not smart enough to figure out where to place the items (fert,weed-ex, hydcell.) into the correct column. As of right now, I can't see anyway to actually use tubing with the crop-matron pratical.

    Does anyone have a solution to this? or is this something that needs to be patched to work correctly?



  • The newest IC2 (not 1.9.7) now has input sides for each invidual item. Read the changelog on the Industrialcraft wiki.

  • Great change.
    Sadly I tend to power my Crop-Matrons from the top as I place them directly above the Watersource hydrating the soil I plant on, but don´t use Weed-Ex to prevent downgrading my crops xD