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    Okay, just throwing this in here.
    With the recent change in wood only giving 2 planks by manual crafting and then giving the 1:4 ratio back via a using technology, eg. using tech not to get more but to not get less than before. would it be possible to make it so smelting of ores in a furnace doesn´t give whole ingots any more but only fractions instead so you have to use some nifty machine(s) to get the full ingot from a single ore?

    To those saying to simply not use it look at it this way. Imagine you where buying a car and the salesmans shows you a feature on the car where you could press a button and for the next hour random lights would go of on the dash and if you hit all the respective buttons you would be rewarded with a piece of candy. If you failed to hit even one it would dump all the oil and gas out of the car. If you ever saw something like that in a car you would complain even if you didn't have to use it.

    So basicly by failing in agriculture you absolutely wrecked your whole savegame, no more fuels, nukes blown up your bases and all?

    So i was trying out the crop matron in my tinkering with the new agriculture system and the only description is a 4 block horizontal range. now the question i have is does that mean the crop matron covers an area 9x9 square? or does it taper off at a diagonal like the light of a torch?

    Its 9x9. Also the Cropmatron doesn´tt have to be an the same level as the crops. I position mine directly above the watersource in the middle of my 9x9 fields and 1 Block higher than my crops are.

    Ok, so i registred only because of you...

    Now: I know i have to use Cross-Breaders (Double scrop stics) to bread my plants but, i always get eighter one or second of those starting one: From Melo and Pumpkin i sometimes get Pumpking and somethimes Melon in the middle, im really dissapointed and i dont know what im doing wrong...

    You are doing nothing wrong, you just got some bad luck. Keep trying and you will succed eventualy.

    its for 1.1 :( o well i would help if it said what it was for (1.0.0 1.1 1.2 so on)

    You mean like in the Topictitel where Addon 1.71 means that it´s an Addon for IC² 1.71?
    Or in the Changelog? something like "v0.84: Compatibility with IC2 v1.71. Partial SMP support."
    Or maybe in the post linked to in the fat, red, huge letters allmost right at the top of the mainpost?

    Yeah right, why doesn´t kentington state anywhere that this addon is not compatible with Minecraft 1.2.4 or IC² 1.9?

    I've made a small experiment.
    All conditions except the amount of Dirtblocks are identical.
    look in the attached Image

    No Fertilizer and no Hydration were used for it, they needed seemingly three Dirtblocks directly under it. Biome is Plains, but Forest will work too. It doesnt let me plant it on the other Sticks.

    I usualy use a swamp biome for my farm and am normaly able to plant cocoa with 2 Dirtblocks under the crop, but as I tend to use lakes to build my early farm (as I dont need buckets to get the one Wattersource needed to hydrate it) there´s almost everytime a Wattersource right on the third layer, so this could also do something to it.

    1. Yes
    2. One is all you need, but for quik breeding two is better (as in you can plant two and breed them).

    And to the "no plant requires a spezial biome" that might be true, but Cocoa still needs a certain requirement not all biomes fullfill without fertilization and/or hydration.

    EDIT: Just looked it up, in a PM he wrote to me, after a false bugreport of mine about not being able to plant cocoa, he stated "It has some additional requirements that are met virtually everywhere, but if you´ve got bad luck and placed your crop on a dumb place, you might not be able to plant it." (paraphrased that from german into english).

    For all intends and purposes, these are the very same Advances Machines.

    False. These are what you think the Advanced Machines should be now. The original Advanced Machines where Macerators, Compressors and Extractors that worked like the Induction Furnace does. The IF still works as it allways did, your changed AMs don´t, hence they are not the very same Advanced Machines. It´s like saying a F14 Jet is the very same as the Flying Machine the Wright brothers build.
    That aside, thats for maintaining this mod.
    Yeah I´m using it, at least for the time being until hopefully Zip comes back.

    So i found the reason this mod wasnt working for me, it conflicts with forestry but in a way that leaves no errors rpcket science stuff just wont show up in NEI or will be craft able if forestry is installed, i removed forestry and it worked staright away annoying really as forestry is really usefull

    does anyone have any idea son how to fix this and i have already tried renaming forestry and rocket science with a z

    1. look at every config file there is in your minecraft folder and write down every BlockID thats used in them.
    2. Look for IDs that are taken by more than one mod.
    3. Change that ID in on of these mods to an ID thats still free.
    4. ...
    5. Profit

    Oh and most likely it´s an ID-Conflict that DOES leave an errormessage in your modloader.txt, but you just didn´t look at it, because it doesn´t crash minecrash but just aborts loading of RocketScience.

    Seems like Rocket Science is loaded before IC². But why are you using MCPatcher? Neither IC², nor RocketScience need to be inserted into your minecraft.jar.

    If i considered it a valuable concept, i will do.

    However, ever heard of glass floors? Mobs cant spawn on them ^^

    First: Damn it, I hope I didn´t plant the seed (pun intended) of something evil coming our way ;)
    Secound: Well, I actualy didn´t thought of that up until now.