Reactors not being unloaded?

  • I've recently been playing with establishing a satellite base on a mushroom island linked (via nether-based teleporters) to my main base some 16,000 blocks away.

    I recently returned to my main base (using said teleporters) to discover my breeder reactors had all used their fuel up and started to cool. (Mine are set to automatically maintain 8k heat - long story, but it works well.)

    I also noticed that on loading up the game at the mushroom island site, I heard the sound of a reactor for a fraction of a second.

    It seems as if the chunk isn't being unloaded despite the distance. Relevant factors may be....

    There may be quite a lot of block updates going on as the reactors are often above the temperature where they evaporate water.

    There's another teleporter (overworld based this time) only a few chunks away.

    I have plenty of memory available to minecraft, and there's probably no compelling reason to unload the chunks....

    Any thoughts about what might be happening?

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    You might have accidently placed a Chunkloader next to the Reactor, so that the Chunk is still loaded.

    As far as i know the following things are Chunkloaders without being specialized for that:
    Portalspawners form Portalgun (probably)
    Blockupdaters, but only if it really changes the Block every second (could theoretically be your evaporating Water, but then it wouldnt do that on Worldload)

  • Except my Minecraft world only has one mod - IC2 - nothing else.
    I figured it out. In SSP, chunks apparently don't get unloaded until you exit. And that's how I'm playing. Doubtless this will all change when we move to 1.3.x... So reactors just keep on running.

    It's possible they aren't being reloaded on world load. It could easily be block updates - I have six reactors all in one chunk, all of which boil water from time to time. And a complex redstone circuit in the basement in the same chunk.

    However, this doesn't entirely add up. I have my teleporters set next to MFSU's that emit when full - this has the effect of turning off the teleporter immediately after you use it - and so when you later jump back to it, you don't end up being teleported back and forth. However, once you get back, the MFSU's are refilled off the energy grid and re-enable after a while. This process works with no problems. Also, although my reactors are using up their fuel and cooling off, their energy doesn't seem to appear.

    Puzzled - I shall have to do some experiments and find out the truth....

  • SSP is a lot less aggressive with chunk loading than SMP. So yeah, these things can happen.