#103 Tesla Coil hits only ones

  • I want test the tesla coil.
    When I turn on the redstone signal to the tesla coil it's hits me one time and then no more. After switching the redstone signal off and on the tesla coil hits me again for one time.
    Do it I something wrong or is this a bug?

  • How long are you waiting after you get hit? What are you using to power it? I just tried it with a MFE hooked into the Tesla Coil and it worked very well. Could it not be getting power fast enough?

  • I use a MFS Unit (complet charged) and a MV Transformator to get 128EU Packets. I was running in the area around the tesla coil ca. 20s. On some guide on youtube I saw a player will hit every 2s.

    This is a view from the lower side with some RedPower stuff to collect loot. The redstone signal place inside the wall also with RedPower wire.

  • I found the bug. When you place the tesla coil direct over the MV Transformator something is going wrong. With one wire between both they works as exspected.

  • Now I understand the problem. If the tesla coil gets a redstone signal itself emmit a redstone signal on all it's surfaces. So the MV transformator will change the direction on direct contact and the tesla coil can not charge again.

    All transformators can easy show the transformation direction by switch the images on each surface. There is no change on any texture pack and the big/small holes correspond to the package size.

  • The Tesla isn't producing the Redstone signal, it's the way vannila power works. A Block will "weakly" emit power in certain ways. Check the wiki, I'm not super certain about it myself.

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