Wind control rods

  • Has anyone tried it - control windmill effective height dynamically, by adding or removing blocks depending on electric output. Frames, pistons, deployers, may be even just a flowing water will do. Theoretically, tthis can allow to make engines work always at around, say, 4.5 eu/t, regardless of weather.

  • We can group windmills, so a group outputs over 500 eu/t if there is a dangerous wind. Then we pass it through MFSU. If MFSU is full (for more than few seconds), then windshield is raised.

    Of cause, with some splitology this can be made working with more than 500 eu/t, and/or with just a batbox instead of mfsu.

  • You can easily build a wall with a cobblestone generator and some pistons, by having one piston behind the generator push the blocks away on top of some other pistons facing upwards, which then push the cobblestone into said wall.

    But how to destroy it once you want to get rid of it?