[Suggestion] Diving suits?

  • Hey IC² Forum members,

    I just had to extend my house and because I built it over a sea I had to swim a bit. While I did this, I thought it would be a lot easier when there are diving suits and so I'm suggesting it here :P :

    You have to build a diving helmet and a (oxygen)-tank, where the tank can look like a Batpack. The helmet can be made with rubber and glass (for example, maybe even "reinforced rubber") and the tank have to be filled with oxygen of course. I think you can use cells or a special pump and then the extractor for filtering the air. Then you can use the canning machine to fill the tank. Maybe you can even use flippers, which let you swim faster...

    I know there are already "QuantumSuit Helmets", but they are very expensive, that's why I thought about it. The only bad thing here is that (I think) you won't use them all the time / so often, so the diving suit might be a bit useless :(. That's why I FIRST want to hear your opions for this, because even I am not really sure about this idea.