Suggestion: Electric Minecart

  • I was playing Black Mesa recently, and when I got to the 'On a rail' chapter I was thinking about how the old-style railcars would fit perfectly into IndustrialCraft. I played around with the Trains and Zepplins mod on my server a bit, and their work shows that such an addition is achievable. I would recommend a single design that had space for a player in front and a single chest in the back. rightclick holding a RE battery to charge it up, rightclick again to hop in. use W and S keys for 3 speeds forwards and one speed back, rightclick again to hop out. Access the chest by rightclicking on it rather than the body of the railcar. EU-powered rails or an overhead line would be a nice plus but might prove more trouble to create than they are worth. the "charge and go" method would be sufficient to create a worthwhile addition to IndustrialCraft.

  • It would be cool, yes, and if I remember correctly, there was an unfinished prototype in IC1. I'm neutral either way, because it's not really the cart that I find annoying/could be better, it's the build time.

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  • Actually, already done. It was done in IC1, but it was buggy. If I remember correctly, it's on the TODO-list for IC².

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  • I remember richard saying Railcraft its going to take care of that. or something like that.

    I can't speak for the RG part but I can confirm that it is a planned feature in Railcraft someday. Also Trains has IC Powered Rails/Over head lines or something.

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  • Already suggested. Search for addons/mods. I guess it's denied or in the TO-DO List.

    whoops, I posted spontaneously while playing Black Mesa (I was excited >.>) and didn't bother checking the forums. after taking some time to actually look around, here's what I found:

    Suggestion: Monorails

    Suggestion: Transportation.

    looks like there is something in the works similar to what I had in mind, but whatever it is it will be organized with the RailCraft team, meaning it might not be included in vanilla IndustrialCraft but rather as a part of RailCraft.

    P.S. I don't think there's a way to quote from threads other than the one I'm posting in so I just used the permalinks.