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    Not bad for a first try, but there's a lot of wasted resources there.
    Please take a look at the official list of reactor designs thread and you'll find many designs that are equivalent or better costing fewer resources.

    You need 125,000 EU to do the buildcraft fuel to IC2 fuel thingy. You only need 100? to make Buildcraft fuel into IC2 fuel. :Fuel:

    I'm talking about the new diesel generator stuff... not the centrifuge/electrolizer recipes etc.
    The diesel generator is similar to this new mod: [Addon 1.110] Petroleum Generator 1.0 - burn baby burn.. for EU!
    So all the discussion regarding the values of EU from that thread are kind of relevant here.

    To be more specific, I'm talking about this and the fact that I think BC-Fuel should be > 196,000EU for my above stated reasons.

    Edit: Wait... what's BC Fuel vs IC2 Fuel? I thought there was only one single type of "Fuel". You take Oil.. put it into a Refinery and make Fuel. Isn't that the only Fuel in IC2? Or does "IC2 Fuel" mean Coalfuel Cells -> Canning Machine = Fuel Can?

    Fuel should produce more EU than 196,000.
    As pointed out in the other generator thread... Oil & Fuel are non-renewable and finite when compared to making biomass/biofuel via trees, saplings, cactus basically anything 'green'.

    There are only so many Oil blocks in a spawn... and to get more, you have to wander around looking for more. It's not something you can happily create an infinite supply of in your base. It's also not like lava where there is basically an infinite supply of in the nether that you can portal into your base in a large number of ways.

    Plus when you consider Fuel... again based upon the limited resource of Oil, plus it does take some EU/MJ however you want to do it to convert it from Oil into Fuel. Fuel output must be significantly higher than Oil output when taking into account the EU/MJ required to convert it plus the time required to convert it... otherwise why even bother doing the conversion at all?

    Are you using an older version of GregTech? For a short time I think GregTech had a bug that caused the crafting of dual uranium cells to start in a "used" state with a :1 on the end. If you used something like an automatic crafting bench and extract the dual uranium cell with a wooden pipe/engine then it would be ok.

    well yes it will cost you much Copper,
    it is still a good design for quick, easy, cheap energy

    the running cost are just for the people who will run their reactor indefinitly and there for looking at the copper cost as an important factor.
    you dont have to use UUM for the Modules...

    also you can use Gregtechs Reflektor for no running cost except the uranium cells

    No, it's really not a "good design for quick, easy, cheap energy". Any design that uses Neutron Reflectors should never be classified as "quick, easy, cheap" in my opinion... especially considering the fact that in that above design, you must replace those Neutron Reflectors TWICE... EACH. So that's 6 Neutron Reflectors for a single run. Manual part replacement during a run isn't "easy". Automating it can be done, but again that shouldn't be under the "easy" nor "quick" category.

    And recommending using the Gregtech Iridium Reflector? Have you tried making one? With Gregtech, making Iridium anything is about as far from "quick, easy, cheap" as you can get.

    These designs are what I would call "quick, easy, cheap". They are all 0 chamber designs and use single cells. They've been posted throughout the thread, and some are in the first post.
    Output 7mil EU, 35 EU/t, 2.33 Eff

    Output 7mil EU, 35 EU/t, 2.33 Eff Close to above but Hybrid Breeder which will breed same number of single cells used. When Breeding is done like this, it's very cheap and easy.

    Output 12mil EU, 60 EU/t, 3 Eff

    Output 20mil EU, 100 EU/t, 3.33 Eff


    its a simple reactor i built out of boredom but it says it works its eff is 5.60, 2240 eu/t plutonium quad reactor.
    i know only an insane person would build one like that but its cheaper than some ive seen. feel free to use it.... at your own risk i might add

    That has an efficiency of 2.57 which is pretty bad. You need to look at the "Resources Needed" tab, and look at the "Running Cost" of the reactor. Condensators are NOT free. You have to recharge them with Redstone. And Redstone is NOT free. The "Running Cost" should take into account the UU matter cost to replace the copper used to make quad cells, and also the UU matter cost to recharge the Condensators with Redstone. So your reactor is only producing 46% the energy that you think it is... because you have to account for the cost to replace all the materials each run.

    Bottom line is that Condensators are NEVER efficient, which is why you'll never find a "good" reactor that uses them.

    Edit: More information can also be found on the "Condensators and Replacements Information" section of the reactor planner. Each run of your reactor will require 13,467 Redstone to recharge all the Condensators. That's a little over 210 STACKS of Redstone every time you run your "simple" reactor. So it is NOT "cheaper" than some you've seen.

    You have to turn the reactor on and have uranium in it to start them heating up. Trust the planner. You only need 1 stack of heating cells with a running reactor. They heat up fast enough from cold that we're only talking about a difference of 2-3 bred cells in most cases. I don't feel that's worth the huge amount of materials required to make a totally separate stack of heating cells.

    The purpose of a stack of heating cells is to add heat up to the specific level. If you have two stacks of 64 heating cells, they're still going to go to a temp of 64,000. Once at that temp, having that 2nd stack of 64 heating cells is a COMPLETE waste.

    Pretty sure you only need 1 stack of Heating Cells. Remove the 2nd stack from your design and you'll see it does the exact same thing. It gets you to the same temp. You're breeding close to the same number of cells if you remove the 2nd stack, and using a LOT less materials.

    Edit: I'm not sure the reactor planner is properly taking into account the materials required to create a heating cell. I took the above design and removed one stack of 43 Heating Cells, and the materials only changed by:
    -11 Copper, -1 Iron, -6 Rubber, -2 Redstone
    So I don't think it's properly calculating the cost of a Heating Cell, plus it's not taking into account how many were added in the design.

    What's happening though is that in the overworld, there seems to be an excessive amount of lightning storms, mystcraft is disabled as well so it is not that. What i mean by excessive is that there was around 400 lightning strikes over the course of less than one minecraft week in a small area.

    Do you also have Thaumcraft 3 installed? Are you doing bad things to your local Flux? Thaumcraft 3 aura nodes will cause bad storms as a way of dissipating excessive Flux buildup.

    That's an inefficient design. This design http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…uaypbma551q3chbbgt5euuccg from the reactor list outputs at 170 EU/t and is also a 2 chamber design... however it has an efficiency of 3.4 (3.23 when looking at costs of copper to replace dual cells) compared to your 2.57 (2.26 when looking at costs of copper to replace dual/quad cells). Basically your reactor has a "running cost" of 24 UU matter to replace the copper used, compared to the "running cost" of the other design which costs 9.6 UU matter.

    Edit: Also, always try to use the normal Heat Exchangers instead of always using the more expensive Component Heat Exchangers. I was able to take your design and reduce the material cost by quite a bit of gold just by downgrading all but 1 of the Component Heat Exchangers: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…zxatdsemuuepdz14iyfv65ips

    NEI plugins got merged into a single download quite a while ago. If you have them separate you are probably using some rather old version:

    I think this will solve my problem as well. When I installed NEI and read "All plugins for NEI now together." I made the wrong assumption that I didn't need to install anything additional. But after reading that page again, I see that I still need to install the combined plug-in. So the error was completely my fault.

    Exactly how much steam does a steam reactor output, and how can that steam be conveyed to a steam turbine? A gold waterproof pipe can only carry at max 40 units... and there are only 18 possible output faces on a 6 chamber reactor.
    1,2 : Top and Bottom.
    3,4,5,6 : spots adjacent to the top block
    7,8,9,10 : spots adjacent to the bottom block
    11,12,13,14 : spots on the external facing sides
    15,16,17,18 : spots in the middle layer, the corner areas between protruding reactor chambers

    Each steam turbine needs 160 steam units to run at 100%, so that's 4 pipes. 18 output faces at 4 per steam turbine means at most 4 steam turbines at 100% and 1 steam turbine at 50%. Last time I checked a Railcraft steam turbine only put out 50EU, so that would mean 1 nuclear reactor could only output 225EU/t maximum via steam?

    Just to add some more details to what was said above... just because the reactor planner says your design will run for a Full Cycle... that's assuming you refill the LZH Condensators DURING the cycle.
    If you look at the "Condensator and Replacements Information" section... you'll see that for your design to run a Full Cycle, you'll reload the LZH's with a total of 1,925 Lapis. In case you were curious, that's 30 STACKS of Lapis.

    Updated to 1.108.71, adding EXPERIMENTAL Railcraft steam outputting reactors. I also separated the energy part from the core reactor, so there MAY be bugs with the regular reactor.

    To enable them, you gotta set enableSteamReactor to true in the config, then reactors will output steam, balanced vs. the turbine output.

    Exactly how much steam do these output, and how can that steam be conveyed to a steam turbine? A gold waterproof pipe can only carry at max 40 units... and there are only 18 possible output faces on a 6 chamber reactor. I think 18. Each steam turbine needs 160 steam units to run at 100%, so that's 4 pipes. 18 output faces at 4 per steam turbine means at most 4 steam turbines.