2.0 Temperature limits?

  • Ok, so has anyone narrowed down the thresholds for things like how hot the reactor has to be to damage things? For instance:

    At what temp does:
    Stone melt?
    Ignite flammable components?
    start hurting the player?

    What blocks does heat damage?
    Wires? E-storage blocks? Only stone?

    and finally:
    The reactor has no chance to explode when it is below its max temp right?


  • i cannot answer all question but parts of it:

    Reactors cant explode before reaching their max temp afaik.

    2nd: all the dmg stuff etc is calculated on a % of max temp. So a reactor that can hold 60k heat will be harmless with 9.5k heat, while a 10k reactor will already melt stone. I don't know the exact numbers for the stuff, but it's all relative to the max heat.

  • Heh. thats awesome. I missunderstood then. I thought it was an absolute temperature when those effects come in to play. A relative scale makes that /much/ cooler (no pun intended) becuase then i can just pile on plating to avoid the effects of the stone (or my skin) melting. Thanks! I'd still be interested to hear when the thresholds happen though. Like, when does the reactor start smoking? 10%? 20? does that have any effects associated with it?

  • when reactor begin to melt it can melt one of chamber too. that can lead into explosion as it can remove plating which lower max temp and reactor goes ka boom.