Millenaire Integration

  • I've talked to Kinniken and it sounds like creating industrial cultures for Millenaire is absolutely possible (and he's all for it.) He said there's no real documentation but he'd gladly answer any specific questions I have. Would anyone be interested in this/interested in helping me out with it?

  • nobody here? The old thread have few ideas...
    [Idea] Civilisation (cities in minecraft!)

    I think rob the IC Village is only a little Problem:

    SSP, you chose your gameplay
    friendly SMP, all people are good
    PVP/big SMP, the village will get robbed

    Like it that they need help for industrialize.

    some ideas:

    They don't
    * ... do the elementary stuff. vanilla blocks can only obtain by trading.
    ** ... harvest wood (-> need massive coal support from the player)
    ** ... farm vanilla wheat

    They can
    * learn other Millenaire things. The player must teach it to the people.

    Power supply:
    One central power plant? Must the Player buy land and build a power station and do the wiring manually? btw Energy-O-Mat ^^
    I think Millenaire can't connect the houses by itself.
    One generator in every House?

    *agriculture booze (one farm can only gain one sort of crops <-possible? problem seedbags have only one ID)
    *industrial mining (gains slowly resources? processes and craft stuff)

    1. wood/cobble cubes
    * few vanilla items
    2. stone brick houses
    * generator/LV
    * bronze tools
    3. bricks (<-expensive, but its the building material of industrialisation in England)
    * wind
    * composite vest
    4. clearstone, slabs, glass
    * solar panels/MV
    * electrical tools
    5. +construction foam
    * high end tech

    If Railcraft installed:
    Lonely fabric with Blast Furnace and Coke Oven.

  • I can't really decide if I want to mod vanilla NPC villages to trade IC2 items, or Millenaire which has more realistic if sometimes frustrating trading system.

    Not sure about Temdur_XXIV's ideas, but the point about people robbing the Village needs consideration. In a normal Millenaire village, anything of value is keep in locked chests. You can't locks IC2 technology scattered around the village. Even in single player some would simply steal it. We probably need an IC2 hook to allow machines to be locked to the village (or implement fake machines).

    I'd say the first thing we need is the sprites for the new villagers. Perhaps new building materials, as IC2 just has CF and some re-enforced stone/glass.

    Anyway ideas for what the villagers could trade:
    buy ingots : sell ore
    farm/buy rubber resin : sell rubber
    buy scrap : sell UU
    farming IC2 crops, when you provide a small supply of seed bags.
    The usual tools and weapons, just the basic stuff though.

    // First, try to add to a nearby chest
    // Second, try to add to adjacent pipes
    // Lastly, throw the object away
    code comments in Buildcraft litterbug quarry

  • :Glass Fibre: In singleplayer it is their choice. :Nuke TNT:
    You can steal timber frames and sell it back. In the same village. It is a Millenaire "problem" not ours.

    :Glass Fibre: Don't like new Block ID's. Only CF and Reinforced Stone look awful. Build with the available (vanilla) materials. If you had good reasons i can't say no.

    :Glass Fibre: What guys live in the villages? What Buildings are there?

    :Copper Dust: Politician (Major)
    :Copper Dust: Scientist (UU Matter)
    :Copper Dust: Miner (Cooper+Iron/Tin+Gold/Redstone) split it into three people, everyone is specialist ;) <- you must support the village massive before the miner seek redstone
    :Copper Dust: Crop Farmer
    :Copper Dust: Rubber Farmer
    :Copper Dust: Supermarket
    :Copper Dust: Management (useless people, had no task, but work in nice buildings)
    :Copper Dust: Police/Sheriff

    :Glass Fibre: Why you are not sure about the ideas, tell me fabricator?

    :Glass Fibre: Good too know, monoxide.