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    First issue is powering it, eg first switch on.
    Runing HV cable directly from MFSU will charge it almost instantly, but add a HV transformer off the side to power the scanner and it's really really slow to charge up.

    A bigger issue is at some point it stopped producing items for no obvious reason, I had made about 7 IridiumOre in it up onto that point.
    It still drains power, UU and counts up to 100%, but no items.
    I updated from #439 hoping it would fix it, no difference.
    Using a wrench on the Replicator and Pattern Storage didn't fix it, and generating a new world and placing new machines only has it make a single IridiumOre before it goes wrong again.

    Has anyone seen this bugs themselves ?
    Other mods I have installed are BC and Compact solars.


    i want to ask what will happen if i try to transfer my map to 1.7.x including mods. Will newer version somehow recognize and change all IDs from map to new "ID_AS_NAME" system? Or do i need some kind of special program to alter all my IDs in world to corresponding IDnames?

    Forge has it own inbuilt saved map for minecraft and mod blocks/items, it was added at some point in 1.6. I know I'm the one that prodded lex and cpw to slowly implement it. All going well it should transfer over.
    However, due to the massive changes Mojang made to worldgen, your going to have issues with biome seams etc if you explore chunks that haven't generated yet.

    You could always screenshot/write down what you had on your old map, and just cheat yourself it all into a new 1.7.2 map.

    I always read the changelogs, for a start gives a hint of what sort of bugs may remain, mod interactions to avoid, and because of the odd mod/forge version that has issues the previous one didn't!

    I swear you could write "Crashes heaps and emailed my MC account details to Uzbekistan, do not use" in the changelog and people would still download it and complain.
    Bunch of MinecraftSheep

    In the old E-net system, 33 solar panels output 33 1 eu/t packets, in the new system it adds them to create a single 33 EU/t packet. The main difference is the later will scatter your batbox around the upper atmosphere. This combined with e-net bugs, and people loading old saves which have different wiring rules, means explosions are off to prevent chaos.

    I can't say I miss explosions, anyone who's played on a noob filled server will also not miss them (aside from the occasional laughfest when someone blows up the same machine over and over).

    Consider altering the network discovery mode, so it simply stops at 25 chunks instead of giving up completely. Some of us have huge power networks, usually on servers. I've done some crazy stuff using EV cable and HV transformers.

    Thanks to the release, and terms of use, its now possible to have a free to use for various uses micro blocks.
    See Immibis Core with microblocks

    Planned features:
    1. Microblock versions of Re-enforced glass/stone, bronze block, tin block, uranium block, and anything else that would make a nice decrative block.
    2. Microblock coverable version of various IC2 cables, except for the 3x insulated HV cable (its almost a solid block anyway)
    3. Overrides existing cables and uses the same ID

    Current mod status:
    1. Decompiled Immibis Core to investigate data structures of covers.
    2. Write up list of extends/inplements header changes for cable blocks.
    3. Pondering how best to deal with Construction Foam, in and around cables. Should it co exist with microblock covers, behave as if a cover itself, or be disabled when a cover is in place.
    4. Wrote method to take ItemStack (eg mod blocks) directly, its untested until I manage to compile the code.

    The only reason to ask for something like this, is 'cause you are too *static* lazy to go out an trade with the villagers yourself.

    Anyway there is already a machine to do what you wish, its called a teleporter. Just run some rails over the top, push a minecart into the villager, and press the button. On some servers I'd made off with several entire villages that way. With the villagers at your base you can set them up in little booths with signs if you want.

    Just a quick note, I will be updating this to IC2 1.0.7 or whatever at some stage. In the meantime the 1.0.7 beta for IC2 does add some items to loot chests anyway.

    Considering making the NPC village part into a seperate mod, would do away with the need to edit base classes for Industrial Loot. But first I need to see what I can do with the trade system.

    Knowing our luck the ads would be a lot like the forum spam, randomly chosen, completely offtopic and untimately pointless.

    I can see ads selling giger counters, gardening supplies, and shoddily constructed in china so called industrial machines. Most of all zero ads about anything PC game related.

    I can't really decide if I want to mod vanilla NPC villages to trade IC2 items, or Millenaire which has more realistic if sometimes frustrating trading system.

    Not sure about Temdur_XXIV's ideas, but the point about people robbing the Village needs consideration. In a normal Millenaire village, anything of value is keep in locked chests. You can't locks IC2 technology scattered around the village. Even in single player some would simply steal it. We probably need an IC2 hook to allow machines to be locked to the village (or implement fake machines).

    I'd say the first thing we need is the sprites for the new villagers. Perhaps new building materials, as IC2 just has CF and some re-enforced stone/glass.

    Anyway ideas for what the villagers could trade:
    buy ingots : sell ore
    farm/buy rubber resin : sell rubber
    buy scrap : sell UU
    farming IC2 crops, when you provide a small supply of seed bags.
    The usual tools and weapons, just the basic stuff though.

    Alright, since I've had a number of PM requests on this, let me address it here. This is the answer I've given everyone.

    I don't personally have any issues with the mod being included in a modpack, as long as proper credit to myself and Tallinu (the other author) is given, but I believe it is against the IC2 terms to post mods for IC2 anywhere other than the IC2 forums. You may want to clear inclusion of this mod in your modpack with the IC2 team. If you can obtain their permission, you have mine as well.

    Actually the IC2 redistribution terms were recently changed.
    [NEW] IC² Policy regarding ModPacks / Redistribution

    Would be an idea to update the readme files included in this mod to reflect that.

    As for the complains from server owners about bugs, if you can go to the trouble to setup a new server for 1.3.2, you can darn well get a few members to beta test it before it goes live. If the bug is a game killer, then seriously put things on hold for a while.

    From what I understand E-net is one of the more complex code blocks in IC2, the decompiler doesn't like it either which limits how many have read the code. It didn't break itself, and when you don't know exactly what in Minecraft/Forge has changed it becomes harder to fix.

    At this moment in time, of the 4 great technology mods I use, two work but with the odd bug being found and fixed (IC2 and Railcraft), BC is a bug farm I gave up on after the 5th crash, and Redpower is still unreleased. Point is for those of us writing mods for IC2, we needed a 1.3.2 version to compile against, bug or no bugs.

    As for open source and public repos, it just deals with one part of the project, the code. Doesn't help much with managing the project planning, the people, knowledge on how things work. Some times looking at the code will tell you what something does, but not its intent or why it was coded in a certain way.

    I've managed to recompile bukkit base classes as is required for the loot changes for NPC villages, but the next step is to get Forge to compile into bukkit.
    Problem is I can't decompile the bukkit version of forge, nor can I find the vital source files that are specific to bukkit.

    Looks like I may have to request a new forge hook and wait to see what it appears in. Possibly a stable 1.3.1 version of Forge, given the developers are no doubt busy with that.