The Curse of Heroism - Discussion

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    I'm quite sure you got questions after reading that story :P Feel free to ask, though I won't guarantue for an answer ^^

    Some background - POSSIBLE SPOILER:
    The story was floating around in my head for quite some time (mainly focussed around what is now part 2. of the story).
    It's intended to show up the severe morale conflict of a few Draken ordered to execute a dragon, effectively being the opposite of what they were once teached to do. Not to be confused with worshipping, dragon's are considered entity's of highst virtue and respect to Draken. And being meant to kill one...
    Well, you read it for yourselves.

  • Well, it's not a cliffhanger (ok, maybe it is) and not an 'incomplete story', though the plot definitely IS held open :P
    But that's the generic fate most short storys have, starting somewhere and ending somewhere else, only containg a small part of the plot and the stories dramatic point.