Suggestion: ic2 craft table ?

  • Hi,
    I think ic2 need it's own craft table, like forestry's carpenter and railcraft's rolling machine. most machine should assembled inside this block. and it requires power to function.(basic generator can be crafted inside vanilla craft table). because making a mass fab from the 4 wood plank craft table are not realistic!

    Receipt: (It can be better)

    :Refined Iron: :Wrench: :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron: :Batbox: :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron: :Rubber Log: :Refined Iron:

    :Batbox: =craft table

    :Rubber Log: =vanilla chest

    PS: the higher tier machine cost more power to craft.

  • Not really denied afaik, but more like ignored several times.


    This really was denied. With the rationale being that "Steve is perfectly capable of building circuit boards with a hammer and saw" or some shit.

    I remember that well because I made the suggestion. The suggestion was along the lines of "lets have complex production chains to produce the various caustic gasses and silicon wafers associated with microchip lithography and then make them in a semi-rational way, for the sake of immersion and because making the things on a wooden workbench is absurd". The moment it was shot down was the moment I gave up on trying to take any of this seriously.

    REVISION: I like this idea +111 . Also, SAWRY FOUR MIEN BAT ENGRISH BEACUSS I M FORIN, MinecraftCreeperMinecraftCreeperMinecraftChickenMinecraftGhast:thumbup::thumbup::Cutter: DANKE :Treetap:

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    Although i think it is a good idea, this have been denied before. Please use the kinda hidden search function. [It is at top right corner]
    Suggestion: New Crafting Table

    I like how Railcraft/Forestry uses some machinery to create advanced stuff, but final word is not mine =) .