Suggestion: Painter Modification of Usage

  • The painters use 2 iron and 3 wool each. Since pain rollers in real life can usually be cleaned and reused for different projects a few times (or at a minimum replace only the roller)... I'd like to suggest that:

    Paint Rollers wear out as usual, but instead of losing them when they run out, only loose the roller. Then you can just put the handle with 3 more wool to recharge it, and of course dye it...

    Handle can just be a "iron stick"

    Only suggesting this because 2 full pieces of iron to make a handle for the painter for it's limited # of uses seems a bit much to me. Specially when it's the roller and pain (dye) that runs out, not the handle wearing out.

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    Whenever a painter runs out, it should give you a blank one which you can redye. You don't lose the painter.

  • Ok, I must have just had a glitch.

    My painter disappeared when I used it up.. but the next time I did it, it was fine.

    *note to self, repeat repeat repeat, then report*

  • having to craft new "roller" is actually something i had thought of suggesting, but since its not much of an implement i never said anything XD

    But having this here, i told myself : "might as well", XD

    In real life ya cant keep using the same "roller", ya need to change from time to time, so either make it stay "alive" 2-3 time (once paint is depleted it gives a full painter, white, waiting for a dye) and after that it gives a beautiful stick XD, on which you would need to attach an other roller (which would have been crafted beforehand).