• How are they distributed in real life? (by that I don't mean the material they are in, but as in long and thick veins or small deposits or short and thin veins, short and thick veins, etc)

    Okay, now the next part:
    This might be the wrong forum to post this but I'm gonna try and hopefully get help anyway. Using the way they are distributed in real life, I need help with the config file in this mod:

    So that it distributes it in the world like it would in real life when I create a new world.


  • You could try googling for results....

    And mentioning of real life in relation to MC gameplay is kind of taboo here on the forums... especially with the Floating Dirt Block and Steve carrying 44.5k tons of gold around arguments.

  • So the entire point of Minecraft isn't playing it the way you want to play it?

    I've never used that mod so I can't really help with the config (sorry), but @the last post, seriously?