Can I get some clear starting point for making an IC2 addon?

  • How do I start making an Industrial-Craft 2 Add-on? I haven't been able to find any clear tutorials to even decompile to start making an add-on. The instructions on GregoriousT's profile gave me code that had, literally, over 1300 errors. I would like it very much for someone to at least show me how to decompile and make a basic item/machine. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • You might want to ask Greg about that, are you sure you did it correctly? I thought it was supposed to leave you with only a few errors.

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • I followed these exact steps:

    "1. setup MCP like normal and make it READY for decompiling
    2. install Forge into the minecraft.jar inside your jars-folder
    3. delete the 3 "XX-Integration"-Folders in your IC²-jar
    4. install IC2 into the minecraft.jar
    5. delete META-INF inside your minecraft.jar NOW
    6. put the content of the lib-Folder in your .minecraft into the lib-Folder of MCP
    7. run decompile.bat
    8. now you have the source, but it contains a few minor Errors."

  • Try fixing one. It could be that a few minor issues are causing a lot of errors (think how simply renaming the world variable would create so many issues.