Advanced Technologies and more! BETA 0.8 (1.4.5/1.4.6) ITS HERE WITH NEW STUFFS!

  • Alright I'm back. If your wondering where I was: I died, then zombied, then tried making a zepplen mod replacement but I never could get the player to move with the ship, I then got bitten by an anti zombie, took finals, wrote the 50 millionth english paper for my teacher, and recently vommited in a public place. Story of my last 4 months life.
    Anyway the big thing is that I'm back and better than ever! It's update time and who knows, I might join the code I made for a zepplen replacement and implement something epic. Also expect hypercubes. If you don't know what that is, watch jimmy neutron boy genius

    Peace =D

    can you add weapons as in NanoLaser mod?

  • Whoa, seems your zeppelen replacement takes a lot of time, sadly. Really loved this mod, but it's incompatible with 1.5.2 (for me :D).
    could you maybe give your code so I could try updating it? Sorry if this against the rules, then please delete this post and inform me about it, Im sort of in a rush at the moment...
    - Shadow

    Iff yu find misstaks, you may keep them! (Or tell me if neccessary...)