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    This is not the algorithm. This is close.

    Sorry, couldn't stop myself.

    Anyways, thanks for the hard work, I appreciate it. If i manage to find some time, which is rather scarce as of now for me, I'll check this out for sure!

    So, guys, since this is a random IC2 chat I'm just gonna ask something mod concerned...
    So I just realized that the latest IC2exp version for 1.6.4 is 397, but from the version number (2.0, not yet 2.1) build 402 should still be 1.6.4.
    Is that the case? Or just a late switch in version numbers?

    I'm asking because the NEI recipes for IC2 behave kind of weird (and are wrong) in #397. Means: crafting works with right recipe, but nei shows a wrong one.
    Since the version is that outdated and the issue is somewhat minor, I just thought I'd ask whether you guys here had a fix or something so I dont actually ask for real support xD

    - Shadow

    (I'm a *bit* late to the party, but whatever.)

    If you want, I could totally do a backport to 1.6.4 for you.

    EDIT: Is anyone having issues with energy levels not being synced properly between the server and client? There may be an issue that's causing it. (Thanks to Speiger for letting me know about this.)

    Actually, I don't need a backport anymore... thanks to just finding out I still have levelstorage installed with the ASU (or somethig like that). That uses 8192eu/t.
    (I'd still use your backport though, ls is a bit buggy for me :/. It's just not that neccessary anymore :D)

    Also, @ speiger, you don't have an IDSU in AdvGen, that's called a PESU as far as I know.

    Mine_Sasha: No the TiC/Natura issue was solved pretty quickly as far as I remember. We just don't have the time or patience when plaing to use the greg way of doing things. I mean yes, it's fun and makes sense, but it also takes a lot of time and mostly in the beginning it is really eating up your raw materials.

    So, maybe I will try to check out the api of 1.6.4 (haven't worked with IC2 EXP api yet...) and look what I can do to backport this.

    ah ok. damn, I decided not to use gregtech because i'm pretty sure there will be a conflict with one of my 230 mods. also, this stuff runs on a private server and we would have real issues with the gameplay changes.
    Ok, then no 8192 eu/t storage for us.
    Gotta use the pesu from AdvGen with 32keu/t then...

    Or is it not too hard to downgrade the code from github myself?

    Well, if the MFR wood is not registered in ore dict, that's not your fault and I will go ahead and report that to the creator (or as of now I think maintainer) of that mod.

    €dit: Ouuu! I just realized I used an old version of mfr (only the 2nd latest) which I got from a FTB pack while COFH was down for me. Maybe an update will fix that.

    €dit2: Nope it did not. I found out why this happens now anyways: you use oredict to input logWood into the gassers, but woodRubber is not accepted (applies for IC2 rubber wood too). I guess this was done on purpose, so I'll just pull back this bug and fix it for myself via minetweaker.

    So I just did multiple hours of testing on constant wood gassing and everything worked fine so far.
    I would only request to add MFR Rubberwood to the gassable wood sorts, since the E-Wood gassifier (and I suppose also the normal one, but I forgot to check) does not accept MFR rubber wood in its input slot.
    Would appreciate if that could be fixed since I run my tree farm with mfr rubber trees preferred.
    Thanks for fixing all the stuff again! works like a charm for now.
    - Shadow

    Well, I did not know that there was a save catch in your code :D
    Thanks for doing so, and enjoy your free time! I don't want you to spend it all on IC² if you don't want to!

    Anyways, I want to report another crash: When trying to pipe UUM (since it' a liquid now) into the Plasmafier, my game crashes. I was using a liquiduct (which works fine with wood gassers). Not sore whether it happens with other means of fluid transport too.

    Forge log:

    This mod is becoming more and more stable and thus awesome again!
    Also deleteing NEI plugin actually worked, thanks for that hint!

    Wow, you're really quick! Awesome! Checking this out right now :D

    €dit: Game boots now. I get a crash when using NEI though. Testing a bit more for further info now.

    €dit2: Sorry to bother you again...

    The NEI crash keeps appearing as soon as I want to show recipes (not only from this mods). This issue appears for both item recipe and item usage.

    Log content:

    Usage mode (extract from forge log):

    Recipe mode (extract from crashlog since game was already restarted):

    I suppose the issue is somewhere in this line: "if (result.d =="

    €dit3: Nope, I'm using the latest NEI and CCCore.

    Also, I've got a request for the mod:
    Could you please add a possibility to the solar turbine to add water via pipe/fluiduct?

    I'm going to check whether my NEI is outdated now, but I don't think so.

    Nope not outdated.
    Also could you lower the amounts of "Test" messages in the log from the IV transformer please? They're kind of spamming the log :D
    Maybe simply only output the test every 100 or 1000 ticks?
    Or simply add an item to read the content and show a chat message with it?

    Thank you so much :D

    Btw: what's that buildcraft file download in your release thing all the time? Something useful? :D

    €dit: To avoid multiposts, I'll just add this here:

    I still crash when booting the game. This time, I get a new error though...

    I get this crash with both Buildcraft 4.2.2 official as well as with your edited

    Any ideas how to fix that?

    Additional info: The only mod of yours i'm loading is the API, AdvGen in not even in yet.