Advanced Technologies and more! BETA 0.8 (1.4.5/1.4.6) ITS HERE WITH NEW STUFFS!

  • Advanced Technologies and more! 0.8.0

    Advanced Technologies and more+! is just that, Advanced Tech and other stuff too, so hold on to something and get a diaper for as I am going to take you to the true land of HAYO!

    In the true land of HAYO, we don't believe that simply buffing something up makes it HAYO worthy, for something to be HAYO worthy, it has to have something truly unique about it.

    Have no fear, Im back and Im not dead :D

    Advanced Mining Drill



    In the world of HAYO we only use the craziest tool we can find, and here it is. This 100 thousand Jillawatt drill will dig twice as fast as you're standard 10 thousand Jillawatt drill, all while digging a 3 by 3 hole when you've activated it.
    (to activate/de-activate, be sure to right click with the tool in your hand and yell HAYO)

    Animal Cages (somethink non-ic2 for a change)



    If you're truly HAYO then you wouldn't ever bother to lure these untamed beasts to you're animal pen using wheat, instead you would use the brand spanking new animal cages to snatch them up and put them back down where ever you see fit

    Fragment of Diamond


    While digging with the Advanced Drill, the Minecraft Gods of HAYO will bestow you with a fragment of diamond every once in a while. Combine 9 of these fragments to get yourself a brand spanking new diamond

    New Slime Ball Recipe!




    s= scrap, w = water cell

    Wireless Electric Charger!


    This block will charge anything in your inventory at 256 eu per tick with a radius of 8 blocks!

    Place upgrades next to it to improve radius/charging speed

    Robotnic Armor!

    Chest plate


    Not only is it stylish :D , but it will attack any hostile mobs that are within 8 blocks of you like a tesla coil would!

    Mod Spotlight 0.7.3(Thanks to Mister_Omega)

    What I'm working on at the moment


    nuff sed

    Current (Known) Bugs

    Cages dont remember a sheeps colour

    Chargers leak energy when charging armor

    Change Log


    Added Robotnic chest plate (more armor pieces to come), added wireless charger, added wireless charger upgrades, completely rewrote animal cages so they stack now, squashed most smp bugs, broke the advanced chainsaw



    fixed issues with the advanced drill and silk touch, Rewrote A LOT of crappy modloader code that was just causing issues, made items a bit more expensive with daimond alloy

    0.7.3, 1.4.6!!!, added new slime ball recipe, the advanced drill will no longer break personal safes, some more minor performance improvements, removed the chat messages due to the new 1.4.6 mechanic of displaying the name of

    what you're holding

    0.7.2, fixed the bugs with tools breaking, made tool recipes more expensive, added config file! :), added spawn protection (the bounds are configurable, minor performance improvements)

    0.7.0, released!

    When Posting a Crash Report, Please Provide me with a log (I cant help you if you wont help me)

    Hold Your Horses and Brace For Impact!!!

    The update 0.8 introduces ALOT of code changes

    upon loading an old world forge will complain about some id "conflicts", don't worry, your world isn't corrupted, this is only caused because of all the changes I made under the hood, just press the ok button and move on

    Download at



    If you have any HAYO suggestions on stuff to add, post them below and I (will probably) add it


  • hey,
    nice mod but i have an error:

  • A few things about the OP itself:
    1) You appear to be missing the recipe for the Adv. Chainsaw and the Animal Cages
    2) Formatting appears to be a bit wonky between the Adv. Chainsaw and the Animal Cages

    About the addon itself:
    1) I like the idea of the Adv. Drill, but I agree with Lefty in that the recipes should be a little more expensive to make up for their abilities (The Cage recipe I couldn't care less for, I use Compact Mobs with Buildcraft to move my animals around)
    1.1) I'm thinking that instead of the Adv. Alloys, use Iridium Plates instead? Also, could you see about throwing an Adv. Circuit into the recipe? The Energy Crystal, I'm fine with though.
    2) I like the idea of the ranged charger, however I use Myrathi's ChargePads to get a similar effect.

    All in all though, I do like the addon. A good job to you.

  • Your Mod sounds nice :) but can you make these recipes more expensive ? :/

    i agree completly with him
    your addons look awesome
    but look like your using the addons "gravi suit" and there is already an "advanced mining drill"
    is it possible to make the recip using that advanced mining drill ? (of course if it is installed)

    PS: sorry for my bad english

  • i agree completly with him
    your addons look awesome
    but look like your using the addons "gravi suit" and there is already an "advanced mining drill"
    is it possible to make the recip using that advanced mining drill ? (of course if it is installed)

    PS: sorry for my bad english

    Eh... Can we avoid having the same recipe as other addons? I'd rather have both, this for the 3x3 and the GraviSuite one for quickly demolishing things.

  • IMO, If the thing can drill 3x3 then only adding advanced circuits is not expensive enough..iridium plates instead of advanced alloy is a good idea though..

  • Thanks guys for all the feedback, Im working hard on implementing the changes you guys have been suggesting (except for making the recipes the same as gravi suit, the gravi suit versions of advanced tools are just slightly faster versions) anyway, Ill be working on getting this 1.4.5 tonight! :D

  • I wanted to link to a page from the mytcraft wiki about an issue with tree-capitator type cutting needing a limit on giant trees and mystcrafts wooden tendrils to avoid causing crashes but the wiki seems to be down, hopefully someone knows what I am trying to explain and can do a better job of it.

    Looks like an interesting mod so far.

  • I was planing for a quick update to 1.4.5 but I hit a few roadblocks
    First off: it looks like the mc package names have changed which means I'll have to redo my imports
    Second off: I can't update if I don't have an ic2 API, how the mods in the direwolf 20 pack got it is a mystery to me.
    Conclusion: I'm expecting a 1-2 day wait after ic2 comes out for 1.4.6

    Also, ATM the chainsaw only chops wood up and down so it shouldn't crash minecraft, when I do fix the chainsaw I'll probably add a tick delay to avoid overloading the game

    As always, post you're cool ideas below

  • Uh, just a tiny sort of bug report you should say.

    When the advanced drill has the silktouch enchantment applied to it with the help of the enchanting+ mod. When the advanced drill is activated, it will give you cobblestone instead of normal smooth stone.