Direwolf20 Server

  • I need Grief protection for the server in bad way I am tied of things getting so messed up. I have had to start new server like at least twice now. I want to go back to Direwolf20 or Mindcrack, but with out grief protection I am looking at keeping a server running for about 4 weeks. Then I get errors beyond belief, I found a server
    here ya go man. http://www.minecraftforum.net/…ion-and-performance-mods/ i think that should help.

  • can you use factions? it is easier to protect and MUCH easier to stop greifing. also it isnt a limit to the claims you do (there is power) and one 16x16 area will be considered 1 power. you can add people to the faction and stuff and there is safezone and warzone (both you cant break blocks in) and no need to worry about war-zone if it isnt a pvp server XD. also can you add /spawn,/home,/back? if you die (from zombies for example) you dont need to worry about loosing your stuff unless it burns or falls into lava. /spawn is because.. i cant find food anywhere BUT that place lol. and you can make a legit spawner using soul shards to make a cow/chickien spawner that gives you EXP and the items cooked. also the /chunk is pretty harsh, 4 claims? come on.. also in factions might wana disable loosing power while offline..
    Example of power
    1 person=10 power.
    2 people=20 power.
    ? people= ?0 power.
    also i think the default max of players in a faction is 20, so 20 people=200 power
    1 power=1 chunk
    200 power= wow 200 chunks? anyway not alot of people play it.. so... mabie for me i would have 20 power, with me and my alt, and i will let.. lets say... 5 other people come in, so 70 power... 70 claims... only need like 2 private claims per person.. yeah even if i die 10 times no one can claim me if i have 7 people.. so... lol wait.. it is the same.. but it is easer to give protection and let people in.. and disable TNT, nukes, and ITNT
    1 death=-2 power..
    and anyway in the total it is only going to be like 20 claims XD
    main base is 3x3 claims, my vault is going to be 1 claim, private bases 1 claims...
    3x3=9+1=10+8=18.. so yeah FACTIONS ARE BEST! (also can make it pay for making one..)

  • MY TOWN IS A COPY OF FACTIONS! BUT! has half claims? lol in factions you have moderators and mods in factions and mytown has more ranks.. both dont let greifing/stealing inside the place.. both have private chat, factions have a map which you can see where chunks are, yeah just.. mytown lets you enable/disable things, but are we going to go to direwolf20 or mindcrack? XD

  • I will look into Factions, I have all the links to MyTown and the thing I have been having trouble with is the permissions. It seems to work great if your an OP but when you are just plain jane person on the server you cannot claim a thing or modify something you may already have claimed as an OP.

    Look at Factions right now and see what we can do.

    Why Direwolf20? what mode are you looking for?

    Mindcrack lookes pretty good and the mods that have been giving people problems are not in the Mindcrack (ex: Gravity gun, Mystcraft, etc)


    Thanks for the help.

  • ok then what is the difference between the mod packs?
    also claim around spawn with safezone and do some testing to make sure that there are no major problems.


  • you can choose to use direwolf20 and just stop some of the mods from running. just post in ur first post what mods aren't being used. that's a win/win. yeah factions is a much better mod to use than towny. I figured it out when i ran my server but can't really remember much. I taught myself as i went along lol.

  • well if you want some of the mods to stop running delete gravity gun, the mystcraft worlds and let everyone use 2 mystcraft worlds. and then everyone is happy? oh and my first mystcraft world.. it is laggy as hell because there was poison, lots of explosions, everything is on fire, the world was not loading, and when i told the admin to tp me out, the messages wouldnt show up.. and i hardly lived when Akernator tped me out. it would be a good choice to disable the instability because every one of the worlds i made it crashes, my mystcraft book blows up, i got trapped before the server closed, and every world has to have continuous explosions?

  • so isolated from everyone, you dont answer any of my questions? and also why are you just ignoring me when i ask you something? are you 24/7 afk? i cant believe that an owner would ignore people like that. the spawn is not at all lit up and every time i just keep getting killed at night. so this is a server? this is more like some random idiots server! THE SPAWN IS AN ISLAND WITH OCEAN AND NO WOOD FOR BOATS? the only way to get out of there without boats is a bunch of random passages that look like a swamp but has a lot of blocks randomly placed everywhere. this i guess is what you expect from someone who doesn't know how to flatten and make a way to easly get out of spawn, it only takes 10 minutes if you use a filler! did you even stay at spawn and try to see how the other people would get out? or did you go to creative and cheated all your stuff back? i bet that you only stayed at spawn, chop all the trees like a whore, dont plant them, dont see if there is a problem, And i bet the stuped owner lazer lag (LAZY FAG) knows how to flatten the land near spawn. it isnt even a FTB server, it is a mass PVP server that is famous, and i like lazy faggot better EVEN THOUGH HE BANNED ME FOR NO REASON. AND NO PROTECTION? HOW ABOUT SOMEONE COMING TO YOUR HOUSE AND GREIFING IT? WOULD YOU LIKE IT?

  • Sadly, I can't continue playing on the server until we get the ability to eject griefers from the land we're working on. Coolknetk pretty much convinced me with his poltergeist routine of being invisible, jerking blocks out of the way i'm trying to break, and setting quicksand 4 layers deep in my entry way proved to me I can't play here.

    Edit: Yes, I've returned, if nothing else, out of absolute morbid curiousity as to what will happen. But at this point I'll be making a list of known griefers and if I see any of them on, I simply won't play here

  • see owner? without protection the server will get to chaos, and if someone steals enough stuff, he can be quite invincible. for example he can go into a world and destroy the book so no one can get him, and then when he gets ultra powerful, he might blow up the world. Trust me, that happened in an old server that turned offline. someone stole from this rich guy, like stacks of diamonds, and other stuff, and made a book and threw it in lava, and no one ever seen him again for quite some time. well in that time he set up tons of quarries and got SUPER powerful.you know they can spam the dense ores a million times to get x200 ore rate, start mass quarrying, and then he would get TONS of uranium, made like 200 stacks of nukes, and then because it was a quite small world, blew it up until bedrock in the whole world. i think nukes got removed, but think of this, he gets quantum and starts hunting down everyone with x-ray and blowing up everything with TNT, then what will happen nerd?

  • So is there any reason that you should be able to be banned because you said something in a different language?

    Scratch that, it turns out it was just bad admining (by bobafer btw) and bias opinions

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  • Guys my server will be coming down soon, but I found a good place and wanted to share with everyone.

    Please check out "Monstercraft.nitrado.net" it is a server very similar to mine but has a cool spawn. The two guy running it are cool as well. I am an Op on the server they are needing some people to help make the server what mine was in its day.

    Guys the IP: monstercraft.nitrado.net

    Mail me and I will help out when I can.

    This server is good it has autosaves and restarts, so it should stay cleanand running smooth.

    It also has Spleef it is fun !!!

    Again check it out, I will post more after I get all the details about the server, but it is hosted so hopefully not the issues I had.

    Again thanks guys,

    The Akernator