Just me being confused :3

  • Oh no! Not the public! Please don't judge me! Kidding. Now the point lol This is almost as simple as yes or no but since I see TMI saying 1.4.6 works with 1.4.7 does that mean I should make my new mods folder for 1.4.7 with the 1.4.6 industrial craft cause it's the same or will there be a 1.4.7 Industrial craft and no I'm not asking for a release date I know that's bad and I'm MASSIVELY in love with Industrial craft so getting banned would NOT be fun lol If 1.4.6 doesn't work with 1.4.7 then I'm asking if a 1.4.7 Industrial craft is planned at all lol Cause I just got my computer back (I lost a world with 9566 EU/tick generation and a Quantumchest [Shout out to Greg! XD] that was holding 8,500 UU-matter! NOOOO!!!!) and am excited to start another world and mass produce fireworks! I mean....help make the world a better...nah. Make myself a LOT of fireworks. This being the 5th incredibly complex and completely legit world I've made on minecraft with Industrial craft I hope I know it pretty well XD I would brag but I have no proof of anything since I lost the others LOL But also if anyone wants to talk about ANYTHING Industrial craft I'd love to XD

  • As far as i know, 112 works on both 1.4.6 and 1.4.7.

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  • Yaaaaay! You guys are awesome XD Although I guess I should expect intelligence from a forum about a mod that adds more complex features and gets more and more complex as it goes XD Thanks! I can actually start my world now LOL