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    You already have a more violent/hayoish alternative to Interdiction Torches - Tesla Coilz ;)

    Tesla coils can hurt me as well and aren't too nice to light up my house.

    On a practical level, why should a luminator have repellent properties?

    Did you even read my second paragraph?

    This is about giving Luminators some attractive quality, so people actually decide to use them. Once you have other mods installed there is absolutely nothing that justifies their existence.

    As in the title.

    Since there is no direct way to up the light range (which has been requested a lot), Luminators could be made a lot more attractive by giving them the ability to repel mobs in a certain area. (like EE2 interdiction torches used to)

    Some sort of explanation could be that we assume they give off "daylight" which mobs obviously don't like and therefore avoid. Just instead of lighting them on fire it keeps/(pushes) them away.

    Thats what i have suggested earlier (somewhere) but got ignored. I'd like if luminators spread light a bit farther than factorization wrath lamps, so it can compete and be really useful to light huge areas, for a few EU.

    I strongly support this. The way luminators currently work gives them no benefit over any other light source. The way i see it, they'd need to be upped to the level of a wrath lamp or beyond (since they aren't an infinite light source but require energy). And the creator of factorization probably wouldn't mind if the same system was used in IC2.

    Or you could give them some mob repelling quality much like the equivalent exchange interdiction torches used to be. (should i post this as a seperate idea?)

    Luminators just need some kind of benefit because, let's be honest, who uses them right now dominantly over any other light source?

    Btw do you have it as something like an IC2 addon in mind (since it's posted here =P ) or as a stand-alone mod? ...It'd be amazing to have a ship that uses some sort of fuel/electricity (IC2 Eu and/or buildcraft oil?) to fly. I've been waiting for something like that and just thinking about it gets me all excited XD ..i want to build my nuclear powered flying base(-ship) :D

    I think he meant something more closely to the "zeppelin mod"..a bit more "mobile/versatile" than rp2 frames. Personally, i will start throwing money at you if you manage to get something like that for SMP. (and less crashy than the zeppelin mod)

    You can quote me on that^^ ..i will start throwing money! :D

    Honestly, you're probably right, as i only read through GregTech a while ago and decided that i didn't like certain things :S ..but maybe, if i work through the config, it'll become more appealing.

    Other than that there was nothing to read between the lines of my other post, since i already noticed that "big" additions like that will be kind of denied/ignored by default in any case, even if the idea (not specifically this one) is a valid one. The most this suggestion board is able to change are minor game play mechanics.


    do you understand i dont need anymore help?
    nothing happened when i tried installing, absolutetly nothing
    but now it s done

    GOOD for you, and how exactly was i (or anyone else) supposed to know that? You obviously didn't say anything.

    Quoted from "stm91"

    There's already 2 mode providing Fusion Reactor: Rocket Science (nout updated yet) and GregTech. If this is not enough for you, don't complain ...

    Firstly, last time i checked there's no SMP support in Rocket science and secondly, i already stated my opinion about GergTech. Also, i wasn't complaining, i merely stated that i like THIS idea. If it was an addon that only added this i'd love to have it on my server.

    1:get the most recent version of java 32 and 64 bit (some things might still need 32bit)
    ---get rid of ANY old ones---

    with multi mc:

    2:create new instance with wanted mc version (f.e. 1.4.5)
    3:start instance (to make it download original mc.jar)
    ---close mc---
    4:edit instance mods
    5:put compatible forge (also f.e. 1.4.5) into "MINECRAFT.JAR" tab
    6:start mc for test
    ---close mc---
    7:edit instance mods
    8:add compatible ic2 (f.e. guessed it, 1.4.5) into "MODS FOLDER" tab ...NOT core mods
    9:start instance


    ..this isn't entirely related to what Aethir said since he didn't contribute anything to the original idea (although i don't see anything wrong with the info he added since some people might not know about the factorization suit and might be interested)...

    BUT i love you get flamed if you repost an idea, but at the same time everyone bedevils "necroposting" .. so what would please you guys? ..if an idea isn't fully worthy of a new thread, yet adds something to a similar one that might alter it in a nice way? i'd really love to hear some guidelines :rolleyes:

    (happened to me and i did, in fact, add something to an idea)

    edit: also, if it's that much of burden, just lock the threads which are too "dead"...