[Suggestion] Change the air quality mechanics for agriculture

  • Please, change the way air quality is calculated so as to the most efficient way of farming does not happen to be at the sky limit. I can't look at those silly and ugly rectangular platforms above every piece of swamp any longer.
    Please, bring agriculture back on the ground.

  • Maybe by making it most effective at 70-120 height ? Anything higher or lower have its penalty...

    Communication and discussion + constructive critisism = Good Ideas

  • Code
    1. int var2 = (this.yCoord - 64) / 15;
    2. if (var2 > 4)
    3. {
    4. var2 = 4;
    5. }

    124 is not sky limit.

    Ok, is that actual IC² agriculture code or what? You mean Y 124 is the optimal height? Also you mean the thing about higher Y, better air quality statement is false?
    It is not like everybody understands java programming language.