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    look for addons? really??? why did i place that (gregtech tm) in the end i wonder ???
    Also i beliveve it should be in vanilla ic2 or ic3 without config to turn off.

    The whole research idea is great but i would give it a thought about adding researches for some non-existing things only like nano and q-armor, massfabricator and Tech IV things that IC going to give us sooner or later.

    also research system would require EVERY SINGLE ic addon to be redone, according to new mechanics. thats alot of work.

    Its better to develop toolbox mechanics than to make thing simplier by introducing electric paxel (pickaxe + axe + shovel)

    Also there going to be some issues like what if you want to kill a sheep and not to shear it. or destroy soil and not to tilt it. It could be made through modes like in wrench or mining laser but its a pain to go through all modes before you find right one so..

    my answer is: not now


    technicaly you are right but...
    there is no separate thread for mechanics sugestions so that ideas like environmental polution or layer-related generator could go there so I created that one here.

    and about that aggro thing in the end of your post:
    Why make mods and minecraft ? If people want to play they always can play lots of other cool games !!
    Games and mod developers create piece of reality with its own rules and goals.
    By playing game you accept those rules and follow them.

    e.g.: Lots of people run Nuclear Reactors while its safer and easier to spam solars so why not give them a chance to accept more challenges?

    p.p.s. added signature for people like you for you are many.

    afaik right now ic2 is THE ONLY mod that offers "intelligent mining".
    BC quarries, thaumatic bores, cc turtles and rp humongous mining thingies etc mine everything there is leaving huge unusable, unesthetic and non-realistic terrain behind.

    im just trying to develop the idea and give player an options to automate mining in more than one way.

    giving examples was a bad idea and an entirely my mistake as it distracts from the point.

    Ok think not about recource production, but rather about recource processing. like GT industrial blast furnace working only beneath rp2 volcanoes or close to bedrock or in nether.. or fusion reactor working only in the end for whatever reasons..

    layer related generator is closest to what i meant. love ther idea.

    imho there got to be a logical explanation of how it works.

    if you use Itnt and not pipes then it should leave a trail of looks-like-after-explosion caverns.

    and about self consuming thing. it either leaves some inventory block after itself, or spits everything around.

    p.s. might be funny. Say it is priming itself for e few seconds and then caboooooom it spits all items a few blocks upward. everything flying around, lots of noise...

    @Above People with the word "chaos" in their name always suggest things that are already in with AddOns

    @Topic The Quantum Armor can only be made with UUM, Quantum tools are denied and your ideas is OP.

    Really couldn't find mod that makes quantum armor recharchable with uu matter only. Proof link please.

    its not the point.

    the main idea is to make machines scattered around the world. because right now most of the players have all their machines in their "small" 100x100 basement. No need to go somewhere else. But if some machines had the requirement to be placed at certains spots...

    its like you can't build ender portal at your base. you have to go out and find it which is fun. Building sites for certain machines could also be found in siilar way. 3x3 flat bedrock is just an example of such a site.

    It can be bedrock or spawner or ender portal any block or natural feature which cannot be recreated at whim

    kind of stupid thread name. I just came up with idea of.. idk magma extractor, that pump lava from below bedrock and then cools it down to metals etc or maybe just void particle generator, that generates eu when close to bedrock at constant small rate similar to solar panels. its not the point.

    The idea is to make location dependant machine which requires, lets say 3x3 flat bedrock underneath it or 2x2 flat bedrock underneath it at depth 2, which is pretty hard to find.

    also there could be some machines which work only in nether (some depth mining maybe or heat related)
    and in the End some cosmic-space related.

    that would encourage players to explore and have vast inter-dimesional or even multi-dimensional production lines.

    The way i see it it's just a way to bolster your tech advance in early game.

    miner recipe could include:
    2-4 SU batteries (finaly some use to its single use ))))))
    machine block *
    regular mining pipe (or 64 tin mining pipes if possible to make such a recipe)
    magnetic scanner *

    *get it back upon dismantle

    magnetic scanner recipe could be:
    some cables, redstone and compass.

    It would be neat to have scanner as a separate tool for scanning area below player down to bedrock (or maybe just 16-20 blocks) to get amount of metal ore blocks (just amount not value) but thats another story...

    Thus you lose around 3/4 of refined iron ingot per miner
    1/8 of copper ingot
    1/4 of redstone and coal dust
    some wood and rubber which are renewable anyway

    default config options would limit the ores it "sees" to iron copper and tin since its a low tech starter kit (kind of)
    and max depth should be hardcoded and limited by 50-64 blocks

    Im a liitle bit hesitant about mining mechanics and whether and what pipes it should use. tin pipes maybe ? which should be cheap and abundant

    GUI should include:
    1. power meter. It still has to be even if you cant recharge your miner. so if too much an ore is present it could deplete itself before mining everything or it can be traped in natural cobblestone gen etc. retrieves pipes without eu cost upon power depletion. area for ores and stuff.
    3. pipe slot (if there will be any)
    4. depth meter (just for fun to see where it is)

    the whole idea is kinda crazy in its alpha so... if you have any idea - just help me out

    p.s. tin mining pipe recipe is mining pipe with 6 tin ingots. gives you 8-16 tin mining pipes

    just a crazy random idea.
    Single use miner:

    cheap recipe
    no need to place tool/scaner/pipes inside
    no need to set up power grid. just power it once before use or fuel (single use battery) powered (included in recipe)

    can't go further than 70 blocks
    can't deal with water/lava
    can mine only metals. can't mine diamonds/lazuli/redstone/gems/etc (because of cheap magnetic scanner maybe)

    makes no sense to use with mods like COG due to low yield

    made it long time ago. don't remember exactly how. Done it by replacing tubes\wires\frames around miner using rp2 machines.

    frame only needed while moving, so replace it with wire once in place.

    that thing was flying around\mining\coming back and dumping goodies in pipes (rp2 computer with cycles etc)

    tons of work and programming though