Multiblock Nukes >:D

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    Nuclear Weapons arent crafted with Gunpowder and Uranium... There made with Explosives.. uh... Explosively Compressing Uranium into Plutonium :3
    Although no Plutonium in Vanilla IC2 *stares at greg*
    This is what it may look like: (Ignore casing + Steel :3 )
    This is what it looks like on the inside: (Those liquiducts are clearly Plutonium rods q.q )
    And this is what it looks like after: Nice and Realistic kinda , yet still expensive :3


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    Isn't that example a bit...big?

    Compared to what, a sissy nuke?
    I ain't makin' no 1 kiloton!

  • Yea, i think it should be just a little bit smaller.

    Then we could make frame missiles :thumbup: . You know, i kinda like this... a expensiveness way.

    Tough, what we need, is TSAR BOMBA :D . Just getting a little explosive addicted right now... tough i would like, as a side note, smoke and sound effects for the nuke, like ICBM. It is kinda a disappointment to just... boom. And we need a form of radiation that does a little more than just hunger damage.

    The main problem with nuke's, is that they release radioactive radicals and gama waves. The first ones react with your body and litterally change what you are made of on the inside (not good). Gamma waves change the DNA, wich causes malfunctions at cellular lever.

    How about radioactivity nerfing Steve's skills for a bit, but permanently, to simulate the DNA alterations and such. Get exposed too much and you will get a permanent health reduction over time. What do you need? A decontamination chamber. Multiblock device that consumes a shit ton of energy. Kills you if power runs out while you are inside. (and sorry for deviating from the main post)

    The Viper will hide in the shadows... unseen... unheard... and when you least expect, she strikes.

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    Perhaps for the plutonium in the middle, it could be a Reactor and the more Reinriched Uranium cells (Or plutonium for gregT) in it the bigger the explosion. Would be pretty cool.
    And for Radiation, here is what it should be.
    Go into MCedit and make a Poison 10 Regeneration 9 Potion.
    Thats what radiation should be. Permently. Then you need to decomtaminate yourself (IRL you could probably use water if you didnt breath in any Alpha Particles)

  • Why not simply put some Plutonium blocks surrounded by Uranium blocks, and CAREFULLY place some Nitroglycerin tanks surrounding the Uranium/Plutonium assembly? (or just TNT if resources are scarce)