Teleporte failure?

  • I teleported a bunch of villagers, and when I got back to base, none of them were there. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or I need to fill out a bugtracker form.

    Teleporter setup Target: just the teleporter, nothing else. Source, button, MFSU, and teleporter, manually triggered after i shoved the villagers on. Target chunk would have been unloaded.

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    Perhaps they suffocated in a wall because they fell through the Chunks before they were loaded?

  • Oh, I know what I did wrong.

    I took down the source teleporter as soon as I finished the villagers, so I could take it back to base. This unlinked the two of them. When the chunk loaded they weren't linked and that must have kept them from spawning.

    I really need to just stop trying to use teleporters without a chunkloader.