Advanced Overclockers

  • I've got an idea for overclockers. There should be a more advanced type of overclocker called an advanced overclocker. Just an idea of the top of my head, which can be developed a lot more.

  • And what should they do?

    They should overclock more, but obviously there will be much higher energy consumption than normal overclockers. As I stated, this is an idea I've just though of and needs developing.

  • Instead of a new overclocker, I think the should add an expensive "energy-efficiency upgrade", which would decrease the amount of energy used, but not make the process longer. If both an overclocker and an efficiency upgrade where used at the same time, the machine would work faster, but only use marginally more power. They wouldn't completely counteract overclockers, however, and they would be insanely expensive.

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  • I am here to further evolve this idea into something cool. Instead of higher tiered overclockers, call them internal circuitry upgrades.

    Crafted as such:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Coolant Cell: :Glass Fibre: :Coolant Cell:
    :Glass Fibre: :Electronic Circuit: :Glass Fibre:

    Reasoning: Apart from the furnaces all the machines use mechanical force to perform these processes. Therefore these upgrades would not be usable on the electric furnace, because we already have the induction furnace. The plating increases the strength of the machines hulls, allowing the mechanism to exert greater force on the materials within. The coolant cells further enhance the conductivity of the circuits and cables, reducing energy loss. The glass fibre and circuit replace the already existing circuitry inside of the machine, allowing more room for larger mechanical components. Yes, you heard correctly, this is not an item, but a placeable block. It connects to any adjacent IC2 machine, such as a canning machine, extractor, compressor, or macerator.

    Suggested Benefits: Speed increase of 100% with the same energy cost, but the effect will not stack. Only one of these blocks will affect a machine at a time.

  • I like the idea of a placeable block.