[API] How to output energy to a conductor?

  • I'm doing an addon for IC2 and don't know, how to emit energy to a conductor :(
    Emitting the energy to a directly connected Sink (BatBox, MFSU) works fine.

    Help please.
    Greetings, Lordmau5.

  • Okay, that is working, thank you.

    One more question:
    If I place my block down, I have to replace the cable or sink next to my block, and replace it then, to let my block update with energy.
    Is there any event or function I can call, to let the surrounded blocks update and insert energy into my block?

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    GregoriusT: They'll eventually get removed, not using them prevents compatibility with any 3rd party energy net implementations (which could be added through addons) or probably an alternative IC2 energy net using different mechanics.

    Lordmau5: This sounds like you're not posting the event properly and your isAddedToEnergyNet always returns true. Have a look at ic2/api/energy/usage.txt in the api source zip to see how it's supposed to be used.