The spambot wars season 3


    *Hydreigon lands a direct hit on the collar

    *In head
    Blaster: If I can get that collar off, then I may have a chance

    *In battle
    Spambot Leader: Aura Sphere
    Blaster: PROTECT!

    *Hydreigon shields itself from the attack
    Blaster: CRUNCH!

  • Electos: THUNDER FIST!
    Thalia: Oh no you don't, LIGHT SHIELD!

    *Protects Frosa with a shield of light
    Frosa: I'll leave this guy to you two
    Thalia: This should be fun
    ???: Fire Blast!

    *A plume of fire hits Thalia
    Flaras: I have a score to settle with you. Electos, you take the earth guy, leave her to me

    *Draws his Axe
    Electos: With pleasure

  • Scott: Ugh.....
    -I'm starting to get pale, losing a lot of blood. A dark aura's appeared around me.-
    Electos: We need to get him to a doctor!
    Flaras: I'm trying to hurry up!
    -Electos is hurling lightning at Sirius, who blocks with a dirt block. Sirius gets blown back by an explosion.-
    Scott: ...death trance....
    -I mumble this and I go into a coma-like state where I lose less blood, but require drained lifeforce from something.-

  • Spambot Leader: Weak...

    *Punches Blaster's face to the ground
    Spambot Leader: Pathetic

    *Kicks Blaster in the chin forcing him into the air
    Spambot Leader: And now that the rest of your team has fallen. Time to die. Use Psystrike you miserable pile of flesh
    Blaster: Wait...

    *There is blood flowing down Blaster's face because he hasn't activated the elemental armor
    Spambot Leader: What?
    Blaster: I still more

    *Grabs Pokeball
    Spambot Leader: Your "Guardian" Pokémon couldn't even stand against Mewtwo, what could you have that could
    Blaster: Who said it was fighting Mewtwo? BLAZIKEN, LETS GO!

    *Releases Blaziken
    Blaziken: BLAZE!

    *His wrist fires light up, showing that he is ready to fight
    Blaster: LETS GO, MEGA EVOLUTION!!!!!

    *Blaziken turns into Mega Blaziken

    *Mega Blaziken successfully destroys the machine, forcing Mewtwo to stay as Mega Mewtwo X for the rest of the fight
    Spambot Leader: Now why would you do that?
    Blaster: To gain a type advantage. BRAVE BIRD!!!

    *Mega Blaziken slams into Mega Mewtwo X, temporarily stunning Mega Mewtwo X

    *Mega Blaziken destroys the collar on Mega Mewtwo X, freeing it of the spambots control
    Spambot Leader: Hmph

    *Throws another to Mega Mewtwo X
    Blaster: Not if I can help it. BLAZIKEN. FLAMETHROWER ON THE COLLAR

    *Mega Blaziken melts the new collar

    *In head
    Blaster: Before he throws another

    *Throws a Ultra ball which captures the heavily weakened Mewtwo
    Spambot Leader: You may have one this one... but
    Blaster: Who said you could go.

    *Converts gauntlet into Digital mode
    Blaster: DIGIMODIFY

    *Swipes card

    *Gargomon, Turuiemon, and Mega Blaziken destroy the spambot leader
    Blaster: Good...job...guys...

    *Blaster collapses

  • Scott: Need.... blood.....
    -I'm not in a blood lust, but I need some blood to satisfy my life-draining hunger.-
    Flaras: FIRE STORM!
    -A whirlwind of fire appears around Thalia. Thalia starts panicking, yelling. The Light Shield's gone down, and Sirius has been knocked out in the corner.
    Electos is taking on Frosa.-
    Electos: Scott, this is gonna be over in a bit, just hold out for a little longer-
    -I slip out of consiousness.-

  • Thalia: Light Strike!
    -I see Flaras get hit by a beam of light, in the chest, her screaming in pain as it burns her.. I snap, getting up, running on empty and adrenaline.-
    Scott: SHADOW MORPH!
    -I turn into a shadow, and I shadow travel through the ground to behind Thalia. I say a word before I knock her cold.-
    Scott: Don't hurt Flaras.

  • *regiki wakes up as the drugs wear off in metal tube with a glass*

    Regiki: WHAT where am i...

    spambot leader: welcome to my factory

    Regiki: what do you plan to do?

    spambot leader: something with you and these digimon

    *regiki looks around and sees beaten up digimon in metal cages*

    Regiki: why am in here??

    spambot leader: your too dangerous even for me. active the seals and crystallizer and cryo tube

    *giant rings start to appear around the tube and crystal starts to spread around the rings*

    Regiki: ar.... its cold in he...

    *regiki falls asleep while the tube get cooler*

    spambot leader: active project takeover

    * the rings start to glow aswell as regikis eyes and a huge energy beam shoots up through the tower of the factory up into the sky. the digimons eyes start to turn into regikis eyes and get weird purple symbols all over them*

    spambot: sir, the computer cant handle it

    spambot leader: i dont care

    spambot: sir.....

    * the computer console explodes then the rings and crystal that surround regiki shatter. a massive shockwave of flux comes out of regiki and taint starts to grow*

    spambot leader: shut it down NOW!!!!

    spambot sir... we cant

    spambot leader: then come with me to the escape portal!


    spambot leader: spambot leader 3 to high spambot leader. mission abort. it was failure. we cant control the taint yet it spreads too quickly.

  • *Inside Blaster's house

    *Exits a regeneration tube
    Blaster: Ok...that hurt. Is everyone else ok?
    Lopmon: They're fine
    Blaster: Good to know
    Terriermon: What are you going to do with Mewtwo?
    Blaster: He can leave if he wishes, otherwise...

    Computer: Incoming transmission
    Blaster: Put it through
    Kai: Blaster, you there?
    Blaster: I'm here, little sore but I'm fine. How are the other teams going
    Kai: That's what we wanted to talk to you about. There are two issues happening in the Digital world at the moment
    Blaster: Which are?
    Kai: Vital signs of Scott, Flaras and Electos have been fluctuating with unnatural elemental readings happening in the area
    Blaster: What are these elemental readings
    Kai: Unstable darkness, Fire, Thunder, Ice, Light and Earth readings
    Blaster: Spambot sightings?
    Kai: None
    Blaster: Get a area lock on them and anyone near them, send them to these coordinates

    *Transmits coordinates
    Kai: These are near you, I'm assuming your joining in on this
    Blaster: Correct. What was the other issue
    Kai: Their has been a drastic increase of Taint in the area Regiki was last seen in
    Blaster: Keep me informed
    Kai: Acknowledged. Teleporting now

  • Scott: SHADOW SHOCK!
    -I project myself across the room towards Frosa. He sees my terrifying form, then faints.-
    Scott: YES!
    -I revert to my human form, and feel weak. I slump down into a chair, holding Flaras's unconsious body. I don't know why I'm feeling so protective of her....
    Why am I having these feelings?-
    Scott: Blaster, pick up.
    -I talk on the radio.-
    Scott: Blaster, we got Frosa. I'm close to being dead, I think. Just come help.......

  • *The teleport procedure happens, teleporting all of them to a area just outside of a cave in the Glacier. Scott, Flaras, Frosa, Electos, and Thalia are all unconscious
    Sirius: Where the hell am I?

    *Sees Blaster
    Sirius: Who the hell are you?
    Blaster: I'll explain latter, help me bring them in here

    *Sirius carries Frosa and Thalia inside the cave while Blaster uses his water powers to carry Electos, Flaras and Scott. Elecmon and Candlemon follow them into the cave that opens up to be Blaster's house

  • -I can't see anything. My vision's clouded and I'm on a makeshift IV drip on a bed in Blaster's house.-
    Blaster: Scott, you're gonna need to take this.
    -A cold spoon and a bitter taste is introduced to my palate. I feel a bit better, but not much.-
    Blaster: Okay, Scott, that's good.
    -I hear him walk out of the room, and I try to sit up but pain in my stomach makes me freeze and drop back down. I feel there are stitches there.-
    Scott: I feel horrible.
    -A voice appears in my head.-
    Darkus Crystal: Hehe, what a pitiful looking boy. I could heal you, for a bit of blood ...
    Scott: NO!
    -Blaster hears my yelling and comes inside, hearing me talk to 'myself'.-
    Blaster: Must be that medication I gave him...
    -Little does he know, the Darkus Crystal's trying to turn me evil again.-

  • -Blaster is out of the room.-
    Scott: FINE!
    Darkus: I'm not trying to turn you evil, hehe!
    -I lock the door then grab a blood bag and use my teeth to poke two holes in it. I get intoxicated by it, responding to it like alcohol. I start to feel better. I finish it up and I throw it away.-
    Darkus: That's better, yes. Yes...
    -I get the urge to drink more but I suppress it.-
    Scott: I have to leave, my emotions are getting the best of me....
    -I write a note. It reads:-

    "I have left. Not out of sadness of cowardice, but my emotions controlling my impulses. I did it for the well-being of you guys.
    To Blaster: You were one hell of a leader. Good on you.
    To Aaron: Little Sister, I'm sorry I left. I was too dangerous to be around.
    To Flaras: I cared for you, protected you, maybe even loved you. I thought you hated me and I didn't tell you because of that.
    To Sarah: You are great and I will miss you. You are beautiful.
    To Kai: You were there when Aaron 'died', and I love you because of that.
    To Maria: I've known you since I was a young boy. You were there for me when my mother died.
    To Electlos: Take care of Flaras for me.
    -From, Scott."
    -I grab my knife and cut out the tracking device on my gauntlet. Then, I shadow travel to a specific location: The old Mage Academy.-

  • Nicole: Wake up... Wake up... Wake up... Dam Regiki

    Regiki: huh whats going on

    * regiki looks around and sees the glass cover is smashed and regiki steps out of the tube. he falls to ground straight away. he sees creature with glowing eyes in the background and purple goo everywhere*

    Nicole: we need to leave

  • Scott: Ok, I'm here, now what do I do?
    -I walk to the courtyard, memories of me with Maria flooding back. I see some kids making a stand, and I rush towards them. About 30 spambots are there.-
    -I appear in my Darkus armor.-
    Scott: DRAGON'S FURY!
    -I go into my witherdragon form and I summon a shadow sword, flying through the air and impaling a spambot.-
    Kid: Woah!
    -I generate a dimensional rift on my sword, slice it through the air and the remaining 25 spambots fall, cut in half from the waist down.-