The spambot wars season 3


    *Releases a beam that knocks everyone away and forcing all the Pokémon back into, not only their normal forms but into their Pokeballs
    ???: *Claps twice
    Blaster: Huh?

    *Looks up to see a man
    ???: I congratulate you for making it this far Blaster, but even these pathetic trinkets and your, laughable excuse for a team can't stop this.
    Blaster: I was wondering if I would ever hear that voice again...

    *Gets up
    Blaster: If the pathetic snake would return to what he betrayed. You have a lot of nerve coming back here you coward.
    ???: Coward? Unlike you, I picked the winning side in this fight.
    Blaster: IT WAS BECAUSE OF YOU THAT THIS WHOLE MESS STARTED AGAIN!!! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO CUT THE PROTECTION OF THE PLANET, YOU WERE THE ONE WHO GAVE THEM THE KEY. And you even had the audacity, THE NERVE, to come back here, boasting about your final victory. Your pathetic Vechros.
    Vechros: That's Counselor Vechros to you, you overgrown garden hose.

    *Activates Aqua sword and points it at Vechros's neck
    Blaster: Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you now
    Vechros: Because of the Mexican Standoff.

    *High Spambot Leader is charging a gun aimed at Blaster, Blaster lowers the sword for now
    Vechros: Also, because I have brought some more company with me

    *Moves away to reveal Aladra and Amelia (Blaster and Sarah's parents) being held back by two people wearing unknown devices
    Sarah: MOM!!!
    Blaster: DAD!!!
    Vechros: I assume you know the other two, considering as they were your rivals. Davis and Reika correct

    *Clenches sword tighter
    Vechros: I'll tell you what. I'm a sporting man and willing to give you a fair chance. If you can beat them, you can have them back
    Blaster: And if I refuse
    Vechros: You and I both know what will happen

    Blaster: Sarah, I'll need your help with this
    Sarah: You weren't keeping me out of this
    Vechros: Oh good, two on two. I like these odds
    Blaster: Everyone else, keep the tin can distracted

    *Blaster and Sarah revert out of their armor
    Blaster: I don't care how tempted you are to help, we need you to keep the High Spambot Leader distracted.
    Blaster and Sarah: ARMOR CHANGE, TRAINER MODE

    *Blaster and Sarah's armor is replaced with their Pokémon Trainer cloths.

    Blaster: Each will use 6 Pokémon per person. Got it
    Vechros: Of course.
    Blaster: HYDREIGON, LETS GO!!!
    Sarah: TORTERROR, YOU TWO!!!

    *Davis and Reika releases Aegislash and Dragonite respectively, silently. Aegislash and Dragonite also have devices on them
    Blaster: Don't hold back on them.
    Sarah: Same to you, we'll get them out one way or another.
    Blaster: LETS GO, DRAGON PULSE!!!
    Sarah: WOOD HAMMER!!!

  • Nicole: Damm it
    Scott: What?

    *Nicole is looking on the ground to find something
    Nicole: The Mega Stones, the only ones I've found are Blazikenite and Gardevorite

    *Looks at the Pokémon battle, Hydreigon and Dragonite are battling in the skies while Agislash and Torterror are on the ground
    Nicole: I've never seen him fight this hard before
    Scott: What do you mean?
    Nicole: I've seen him fight before, but even against his father he has never fought like this, his mind is completely in the battle. If he's wearing his trainer cloths then he is "out for blood" in Pokémon battles. It's been years since he last donned those
    Scott: And I thought he was going all out when we fought, it was nothing in comparison to this

    *At the battle, Dragonite attacks with a Dragon Tail but barely misses. Davis and Reika have not said a word in the fight
    Hydreigon: HYDREI

    *Uses two of its mouths to grab hold of Dragonite
    Blaster: ON THE GROUND

    *Hydreigon forces Dragonite onto the ground

  • Scott: Dear god...
    -I'm watching them fight. I turn to the High Spambot Leader. I ready my sword.-
    Scott: This isn't over yet!
    -I charge at him with my spear, trying to run him through. I succeed, knocking a plate off.-

  • Nicole: Blaster, Take these!

    *Tosses over Blaziken and Lucario's Pokeballs
    Blaster: Thanks

    *To Sarah
    Blaster: I think a change of dance partners is in order
    Sarah: I agree
    Blaster: HYDREIGON, CRUNCH!!!

    High Spambot Leader: REVERSE MOVE!
    -The dark mass gets hurled at me, and I go into a nightmare.-

    -Scott's mind.-
    Scott: Where.. W-Where am I?
    -I'm in a desolate, dark void. I see a humanoid figure.-
    Scott: Help me...
    -I see it's Flaras. She comes over to me.-
    Flaras: I hate you so much, you damn disgusting hybrid piece of garbage.
    -She kicks me, and she pulls out a knife. She sets it on my arm, cutting slowly. I feel real pain from it, and I can't move.-

    -Real life-
    Scott: Don't... hurt... me.
    -I'm foaming at the mouth, curled up on the floor.-


    *A light surrounds Scott, clearing the effects of the attack
    Scott: *Cough. Thanks

  • regaos: PARADOX SWORD!!!!! with CHAOS TITAN FORM!!!!!

    *regaos turns into a giant creature then a golden sword appears in his hand*

    high spambot leader: how many tricks did that chaos have i wonder? i wonder where he learnt them... maybe ill have extract the information from you!!!!

    regaos: take this!!!

    *regaos smashs his sword into the high spambot leader leaving a huge crater in his armour. after using that attack regaos is forced into his normal form again*

    high spambot leader: luckily for me you cant use that attack much can you?

  • Scott: ARGH!
    -I run at him, but I stop in my tracks. My eyes dilate and I see a vision inn my eyes.-
    -Scott's mind-
    Man: You killed them all. You deserve to be buried alive with them.
    -I'm in a pit, and the man who spoke is wheeling a wheelbarrow towards the put, and he dumps my mother's des body onto me. I see her pale, lifeless body. I can see the crippled limps on her. I feel sorrow fill me. The man dumps another body . It's my father. He keeps dumping the bodies of my loved ones on me.-

    -Real life-
    Scott: It's- it's all my f-fault.
    Thalia: Not again! CLEANSING LIGHT!
    -A beam of light is shot at me, but it bounces off of me.-
    Thalia: What?
    -She tries again, with the same result.-
    Thalia: It's of no use!

  • Blaster: GLALIE RETURN!!!
    Sarah: ESPEON, YOU TWO!!!

    *THey call back their heavily injured
    Vechros: Are you giving up yet? You only have one each left while I still have three
    Sarah: You? your not the one fighting
    Vechros: Why do you think they are wearing those devices?
    Sarah: Huh?

    *Looks closer at the devices on Davis, his Staraptor, Reika and her Cryoganal
    Vechros: Not only do I control them like puppets, but I am amplifying their strength

    *On the sidelines
    Nicole: You know what you need to do because you remember don't you
    ???: *nods

    *In the battle, Blaster and Sarah have turned their backs to talk
    Sarah: Your Blaziken might have the strength to match those machines, but I don't have anything that can do it

    *Nicole tosses a Pokeball and her Mega Ring
    Nicole: Sarah, use these
    Sarah: Huh
    Blaster: Its worth a shot

    *They turn back to the battle
    Vechros: Your still not giving up. You can't win
    Blaster: We'll see. BLAZIKEN, LETS GO!!!
    Sarah: YOU TWO...

    *Releases Blaziken and Gardevoir, Blaster and Sarah put on the Mega Rings
    Vechros: Even Mega Evolution can't help you here
    Blaster: We'll see...

    *To Sarah
    Blaster: Do what I do

    *At the same time, both of them raise their left arms and press the button on the rings
    Blaster and Sarah: LETS GO...

    *Raise their arms into the air as the ring starts glowing
    Blaster and Sarah: MEGA EVOLUTION!!!

    *Blaziken transforms into Mega Blaziken
    Blaziken: BLAZI!!!

    *Moves into a battle stance while Gardevoir becomes Mega Gardevoir
    Gardevor: Garde VOIR!!!

    *Moves into a battle stance
    Blaster: It's time to end this coward. FLARE BLITZ!!!
    Sarah: MOON BLAST!!!

  • Scott: I didn't-!
    Man: Yes you did.
    -He buries the final body, and it's Aaron's body. The pit is now filled with bodies, and their weight is crushing me. My nostrils are filled with the foul stench of the dead, and I realize I killed them.-

    -Real life-
    -I gain a blank stare, and I walk up to the High Spambot Leader, kneeling down. I've become pale.-
    Scott: Please, kill me.

  • Thalia: Why isn't this working
    Blaster: Huh?

    *Looks over to see Scott
    Blaster: Cover me
    Sarah: Got it
    Blaster: AQUAS ENERGIZE!!!

    *Activates the elemental armor and runs over, grabbing Scott before he's crushed

    *Sets him down nearby
    Scott: Kill me

    *Slap to the face
    Blaster: Snap out of it
    Scott: But I...they're dead because of me
    Blaster: You think I don't regret the decisions I've made? You remember that Blaziken that had my voice? Before he came in I was on my knees, being beaten by my regrets

    *Slap to the face
    Blaster: SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

  • Scott: Please... Kill me!
    -I throw him against the wall, feeling guilt eating me up. I hear voices in my head.-

    -Scott's mind.-
    -I hear voices.-
    Sarah: You've got to die, Scott. You must die.
    Flaras: She's right, Scott.
    Aaron: Don't listen to them, Scott. I love you, big brother.
    -Aaron's voice is very quiet compared to theirs, but I know I've been ridiculous.-

    -Real life.-
    Scott: Fine... FINE!
    -My eyes are filled with tears, and I'm calm.-

  • *Scott loosens his grip enough for Blaster to free himself and force Scott on his knees, Blaster joins him
    Blaster: Scott, speak to me. SCOTT!!!

  • Blaster: This is going noware. NICOLE!

    *Nicole comes over
    Nicole: What?
    Blaster: Use Hypno to find out what's wrong. I'm gong back to help Sarah

  • Nicole: Hypno.
    -I feel the urge to tell her everything.-
    Scott: I think I was traumatized by the Visions of Terror attack... I had horrible, horrible visions during and after it... I don't wanna see Aaron get hurt... I hate seeing her hurt. I hate seeing all the people I love getting hurt....
    Nicole: This is worse than I thought.....

  • *Back at the battle
    Sarah: I think its time for the "boost"
    Blaster: I concur, FLARE BLITZ

  • regaos: DANCE OF CHAOS!!!!!!

    *the flare blitz becomes larger and more powerful*

    Blaster: thanks, regiki

    regaos: am not done yet..... ARRRRR!!!!!

    *regaos flys up to the flare blitz and uses his own hand to push it*

    sarah: is he insane

  • Scott: ...Aaron..... Flaras....
    -I'm staring blankly at the wall. I feel full of sorrow.-
    Nicole: Calm down, Scott.
    Nicole: Scott!
    -I pull a picture out of my pocket. It's my mother. She had my brown hair, purple eyes and pale skin. She was beautiful and she looked very wise. I burst into tears, crying like a little kid.-

  • *The Flare Blitz, due to its size and speed hits the machines on both Cryogonal and Staraptor. The impact also affects the control devices on Reika and Davis, rendering them unconscious
    Vechros: Hmph, so much for that idea

    *Grabs a gun and points it at Aladra
    Blaster: NOT THIS TIME!!!

    *The gun shoots, but the bullet is stopped by a water shield right before it hits Aladra
    Blaster: GET OUT OF HERE!!!
    Amelia: We're not leaving...
    Blaster: DO IT!!!

    *The flee

    *Their Unity armor activates
    Blaster: Shall we finish this?

    *Draws Aqua Sword
    Sarah: Right behind you.