Need good reactor design

  • Hello,

    I don't know how the nuclear reactor components work, and the wiki explain it too bad for me, so I don't understand it. I found a good Breeder design: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…s564ekgutpmuvqlxds5ticot2
    Yes I know, it's extremely overpowered, but I need much power for my Gregtech Machine, like the Matter fabricator 8192 Eu/t, so I need lot's of Uranium, so this design is the best for me. Now I need only a few (like 10 or so)normal reactor to get the power I need. I know there's a thread where many post designs, but they're producing too less, that I need. So I ask you to create a design for me. minimum requirements:
    -Output 2000 EU
    -6 Chambers
    -Full Cycle without cooldown times.
    -Gregtech reactor components can be used when needed.
    -Every component should survive a full cycle, so no Concentrators that have to be refilled with lapis or crafting new Vents.
    -Efficienty doesn't matter

    Hope you can make a good reactor. :)

  • 2000 eu and no cooldown?
    you should split these up into more single reactors or go for CRCS.
    even then you wont get 2000eu from one reactor easily.
    if you want crcs use this Breeder: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…ox61ckmfgv0yn44sdxw1p8029

    do some research yourself in this subforum, here are sooo many elaborated designs that will probably satisfie you.

    Change the scheme, alter the mood. Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind.

    [b][i][u][url=' [url='']HAYO CORP: Nuclear Power (FREE: Reactor Blueprints)

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  • Sometimes it's better to spam smaller reactors than get one huge reactor. For example this little pocket reactor only has a single chamber, and still has decent power output. Which means you can stack the hell out of them.

    You can literally build a nuclear tower using the same model as a water tower with four nuclear reactors every other block (the chamber being opposite the central glass fibre cable) for say 30 blocks.

    Each 'ring' produces 470 EU/t, so for 15 rings, you are looking at 10,800 EU/t. More than sufficient for your needs.

    EDIT: Ummm... going back over those numbers, and I may have beaten CRCS for EU output to resource cost ratio. CRCS still has a higher efficiency rating, but let's run those numbers again...

    Mk I 'Pocket Reactor'

    Single Chamber
    180 EU/t
    Eff: 3

    Copper: 372
    Tin: 34
    Iron: 152
    Gold: 24
    Uranium: 12

    Now let's multiply by 4
    Total EU output: 720

    Copper: 1488
    Tin: 136
    Iron: 608
    Gold: 96
    Uranium: 48

    Compare to this pocket CRCS reactor

    Total EU output: 800
    Copper: 548
    Tin: 386
    Iron: 72
    Gold: 0
    Uranium: 32

    Then the cooling towers. We can use this in pairs for 112 cooling/tic. Which gives me a cooling cycle time of 535. Which means you will need four of them.

    Basic cooling tower costs:

    Copper: 808
    Tin: 248
    Bronze: 12
    Iron: 238
    Gold: 88

    So x4, and you start off needing over 3k copper.

    So yea, cheaper than a CRCS setup, and Mk. I so no automation necessary...

    I think I may have killed my own invention ;(

  • Ok, then I think I'll use Sheenkeythelost's design. And what's CRCS?

    CRCS stands for Continuously Re-applied Coolant System. The idea is to cycle coolant packs from a single active reactor out into multiple cooling 'reactors' that are filled with heat sinks instead of fuel. Because you use coolant packs, instead of condensors, they're reusable. By doing this, you can put together designs that would be impossible otherwise -- arrays of quad isotopes are doable, if tricky, and efficiency 6 becomes a lot more accessible. The costs of cooling towers, however, make for pretty significant startup costs, and you also need to have some good automation chops or the reactors will melt.

    If you want simple, reliable power and don't terribly care about uranium efficiency, a couple breeder reactors and forty of Sheenkeythelost's Pocket Reactors will do it.

  • Continually Re-applied Cooling SystemAlso known as DDoS (Decentralized Distribution of Steam). Other link .
    Basically you use coolant cells, and when they're almost broken, you extract them using automation mods and put them in a cooling reactor where they get cooled to normal temperature. After that you extract them again and put them back into your standard reactor.

    See variant HVC (Heat Vent Cycle) here.
    Switch coolant cells with heat vents.

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