[Suggestion] Fuel Value for Plantball

  • I propose the plantball receive a direct fuel value.

    Since it can be made from 8 reeds (reed fuel value 50 heat / 120 EU / 0.25 items each), among other possibilities, I believe it should have a fuel value 8 times that of a single reed (plantball fuel value 400 heat / 960 EU / 2 items / .25 charcoal).

    This value is numerically consistent with the fuel values for cactus and saplings, the other burnable items that can be made into plantballs (cactus is the same as reeds, and saplings have twice the energy as reeds but give twice as many plantballs) and logically consistent with the many other things that can be turned into plantballs that cannot be burned on their own (leaves, wheat, etc.).

    In addition, the main use for plantballs, biofuel, still produces a product with much more energy than the plantballs themselves (a biofuel can provides ~10,000 heat / ~26,000 EU, whereas the six plantballs required to make the biofuel only provide 2,400 heat / ~6,000 EU on their own). Therefore, this process remains profitable, if inconvenient.

    Lastly, some may argue plantballs would be unable to burn well. Yet some of the ingredients used to make plantballs, reeds and cactus, themselves should be subject to such logic, yet they still are useable as fuels, albeit poor ones; and if the plantball's ingredients can burn, why can't it as well?

    Summary: A plantball should be as good a fuel as the sum of its ingredients.


    Sources: Suggestion: "Brown" Charcoal, or a less bulky way to burn plants like reeds A previous thread of mine on a related topic. I did not post there because necroing is bad.

    Wheat should be able to be burned for fuel points. Another person's thread on a similar topic that showed up on my search. Although they had some good ideas, I did not want to necro a year old thread.

  • Additional thought: One should be able to craft together plantballs to make larger fuel items. Perhaps four in a square, creating an object with the same fuel value as Coal, or eight in a square, worth twice a piece of coal. A plant brick or something? After all, we can now put coal together to form coal blocks, which have very long burn durations.

    Musings: Could one, with this suggestion, power a chainsaw solely on leaves cut with the chainsaw? A chainsaw holds 10,000 EU and can cut 200 blocks per charge, equalling 50 EU per block. 8 leaf blocks make a plantball, which according to this suggestion should be worth 1/4 of a piece of coal. Coal is worth 4000 EU, so by extension a plantball is worth 1000 EU and a leaf block is worth 125 EU. Conclusion: Using a chainsaw to cut down the leaves of your trees to use in plantballs would yield an energy profit, though is nowhere near as dense an energy source as the wood itself.